Where to Stream My Spy?

‘My Spy’ is an American action-comedy where a spy is sent undercover to carry out a surveillance mission. However, the family the CIA agent is supposed to be watching has a 9-year-old girl who forces him to teach her the ways of espionage. It combines hilarious action with a father-daughter dynamic. The movie has received lukewarm reviews but you might be eager to watch it because of Dave Bautista. So, where can you stream ‘My Spy’? Before we tell you that, let us walk you through the plot.

What is My Spy About?

‘My Spy’ sees Sophie, a 9-year-old, catching JJ, a hardened spy, watching her family. The CIA operative’s routine surveillance is turned on its head when Sophie gives him a choice. He can either teach her spycraft, or she will expose his operation to her family. JJ does not have much choice and grudgingly helps her learn how to become a spy. He thinks it will be an easy task at first, but soon Sophie and JJ are locked in a battle of wits and the girl proves you don’t need much to outsmart a seasoned CIA agent.

Is My Spy on Netflix?

Netflix has an amazing collection of films, which sets it apart as a premier streaming platform. While you won’t be able to stream ‘My Spy’ on Netflix, you can check out ‘Barely Lethal,’ where an espionage agent fakes her death to get to experience high school. However, the treacherous school corridors might be harder to navigate than waterboarding.

Is My Spy on Hulu?

Hulu tries to stay ahead of the curve by making smart additions to the platform. ‘My Spy’ is not available for Hulu subscribers, but you can stream and watch ‘Get Smart.’ It is a wonderful spy comedy where an inept agent teams up with an experienced one to try and save the day.

Is My Spy on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has sourced films and shows globally from all around the world. Naturally, it comes closest to Netflix in terms of competition. However, in this case, Prime subscribers have the edge. ‘My Spy’ was slated for a theatrical release but due to the pandemic, Amazon Studios acquired the movie, and it is available on the platform. Check it out here.

Where Can I Stream My Spy Online?

Unfortunately, since Prime Studios has acquired ‘My Spy’ it is not available online elsewhere. However, it should soon make its way to VOD platforms, and you can acquire and stream it at the time.

Can I Stream My Spy Online For Free?

Freeloaders are in luck because ‘My Spy’ is available on Amazon Prime. The platform offers a 30 day trial period, which you can use to watch the movie. Since it is just one film, you should not have any problems finishing within the time. However, we urge readers to pay for all the art they consume.

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