Mysteries & Scandals Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

When Oxygen TV was an independent cable network, it focused primarily on originals and reruns of miscellanea, and this lack of an overarching theme for the network persisted even after NBCUniversal brought it at the turn of the century. After some swapping around on the Comcast exec chairs, the network was briefly a channel targeted at a young adult female demographic, but this was discarded in lieu of the recent rebranding in 2017.

Over the last couple of years, Oxygen has finally found a stable footing as a true-crime oriented network. And to cement its position in these, one of its recent ambitious project was Mysteries & Scandals (season 1 aired on January 5th, 2018) with broadcasting juggernaut Soledad O’ Brien. The show received reviews inching towards mostly positive and may receive a second season for next year’s summer showreel.

Mysteries & Scandals Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

Being out of the ordinary is not exactly the strong suit for Mysteries & Scandals. Even its name is in fact overshadowed by a late 90’s pitch from E! (also owned at the time by NBCUniversal) of the same name, which was known for its deadpan humour, mock-noir style and its sarcastic host. The bread and butter for Mysteries & Scandals, other than the fact that it is a much more modern and trend-savvy TV show, is its host, Maria de la Soledad Teresa O’ Brien, the famed and well-connected broadcaster, journalist, and executive producer, who holds chairpersonship as correspondent of various networks. She has her own weekly political show with national syndication (Matter of Fact With Soledad O’ Brien, powered by Hearst TV), a career of anchoring experience on various news media outlets, and founded the Starfish Media Group.

The anchor had the difficult task of stepping into the comparison with fan-favourite A.J. Benza, who hosted the 1998 show on E! network, and so far, she has managed to do it excellently. If Mysteries & Scandals is to return for a second season, it is quite likely that Soledad O’ Brien will return as the face of the show.

Mysteries & Scandals Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

Mysteries & Scandals follows the usual tropes that feature in any number of unscripted true-crime shows: a visualization of past cases, and through it, usually a re-investigation. The single most exclusive element of Mysteries & Scandals is its careful selection of cases. All of the cases that it picks out to reenact, simulate, and probe into, are cases that had made explosive headlines at some point in the past, and cases which are entangled in a web of mysteries.

The finest example of the show’s clutch points is its pilot, which covers O.J. Simpson, but rather than the 1994 charge for murder, it reviews the missing pieces in the case of kidnap and armed robbery that actually landed him in jail. If the show returns for another season, we can expect more cases of the same calibre and investigative journalism with the same depth.

Mysteries & Scandals Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The reception for the debut season has been decent enough to at least warrant a renewal for a second season. For a network which had undergone its first comprehensive rebranding recently, another strong reason for continuing the show is the possibility of developing a stable IP, which the brand new show offers. That said, there has not been any announcement of filming or even confirmation of renewal on Oxygen’s account. It can be surmised that if the show does receive another season, it will not happen until summer 2019. Having said that, the specifics of an air date are still TBD.

Mysteries & Scandals Season 2 Trailer

Since there has not been much news on a second season, there are no teasers or trailers either. You can instead check out the trailer for the debut season of 2018.