Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 5: What to Expect?

In the fourth episode of ‘Mythic Quest’ season 2, Brad tries his best to expose his guileful brother Zack in front of the “Mythic Quest” squad. But Zack is in everyone’s good books, making it all the more difficult for the head of monetization, Brad Bakshi, to stop him from selling the game. If you want to know more, you can go through the recap section. Now, as the fifth episode is just around the corner, let’s take a look at the details for ‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 5!

Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 5 will premiere on May 28, 2021, at 12 am ET. The show drops new episodes every Friday, and each one has a runtime of around 30 minutes.

Where To Stream Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 5 Online?

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 5 will be available to stream on Apple TV+ at the timeslot mentioned above. Since the show is an Apple TV+ Original, it is not available to stream on any other platform as of now.

Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 5 is titled ‘Please Sign Here.’ Although the official synopsis has not been released yet, the title suggests the end of Mythic Quest, the game. Brad might be forced to sign papers that will liquefy his hold over the company. He has failed at making everyone see Zack’s dark side, and now, his manipulative sibling is free to do as he pleases. Unless Brad has a new trick up his sleeve, saving the game seems like a long shot.

Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 4, titled ‘Breaking Brad,’ kicks off with a surprise birthday party thrown for Brad, who is annoyed at Zack for instigating it. He attempts to decipher what his vile brother is up to. Meanwhile, Ian is ranting out his problems with Poppy, just when he sees her idling on her brand new Porsche. Dana leaves with Poppy, leaving Ian alone in the car. He is not used to driving cars with “manual transmission,” so the Porsche gives him a hard time.

Elsewhere, Zack is disappointed at Brad’s absence, and David volunteers to tag along for lunch. Brad is further infuriated when he learns about his brother finding the perfect chance to get close to their executive producer. Brad desperately tries to get Poppy to dislike his brother, but Zack manages to impress her. Rachel and Ian get into a fight. Zack invites Snoop Dogg to the office to perform at an in-game concert. Jo and Brad are flabbergasted.

The brothers have an ugly confrontation later where Zack heartlessly declares that Mythic Quest should be sold off. Brad beseeches him not to kill the game, but Zack doesn’t seem to care. It is further revealed that when they were children, Brad and Zack were given two piglets to raise for slaughter. Brad called his Kate, but when he was told to kill it, he backed out. Zack is the one who did it. The slaughtering of the pig is a sullen metaphor for the end of Mythic Quest.

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