Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 6: What to Expect?

In the fifth episode of ‘Mythic Quest’ season 2, the group fills out a questionnaire that becomes the epicenter of uncontrollable drama! Ian and Poppy lash out at each other while Dana drops a figurative bomb! The results of the questionnaire further disappoint Brad, who is still reeling from the damage caused by his brother. For more details, you can refer to the recap laid out at the bottom. Now, without any further delay, let’s check out the particulars for ‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 6!

Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 6 is scheduled to premiere on June 4, 2021, at 12 am ET. New episodes release weekly on Fridays, and each one has a runtime of around 30 minutes.

Where To Stream Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 6 Online?

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 6 will be available to stream on Apple TV+ at the date and time mentioned above. Since the show is an Apple TV+ Original, it is not available on any other streaming platforms as of now.

Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 6 is titled ‘Backstory!’ which might follow into the past of a crucial character in the show. Although there is no official synopsis to back it up, the title more or less proposes its possibility. We also have reason to believe it might be related to Poppy and Ian’s feud that is on the verge of peaking. And how will this impact future prospects for Mythic Quest? It seems like we’re diving straight into more drama!

Mythic Quest Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episode 5, titled ‘Please Sign Here,’ kicks off on a lighter note. The group is tasked with filling out a questionnaire, which compares each member to an animal. When the results arrive, Brad gets a mouse which is a stark reminder of the events that played out with his brother in the previous episode. On the other hand, Jo gets a shark, and the pair size each other up. Rachel and Carol fight over an inappropriate remark passed by the former.

As the group begins to fall apart, David discloses that he is seeing someone. But the air tenses up even further when Dana talks about the possibility of her leaving the branch. And as if by instinct, Rachel storms out. Ian then feeds into the drama provoking Poppy into exerting her dominance as she yells at Dana. As expected, both Ian and Poppy are typed as a lion after which, they begin to butcher the entire test with Carol sitting in the middle with utmost compliance.

Their banter reaches a critical point, and Ian starts to worry about the future of Mythic Quest. He thinks MQ is his one remarkable brainchild, and Poppy’s presence ruins everything. Poppy retaliates by throwing papers around, and a withdrawn Ian signs them, causing Poppy to apologize. She states that she is facing trouble in expansion. But Ian is certainly not letting her off that easy, and before leaving, he tells her that she is doomed to fail without him.

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