Will There be a Nancy Drew Episode 19?

The 18th episode of ‘Nancy Drew’, which aired on April 15, 2020, made fans both confused and excited. After all, The CW had previously promoted it as the spring finale. So, does that mean we will see more of season 1 in the coming days? Or does it point to the conclusion of the freshman installment as a whole? We will answer all these questions and resolve your doubts about the show’s future. Read on to know if and when ‘Nancy Drew’ episode 19 will release on tv screens

When is Nancy Drew Episode 19 Release Date?

‘Nancy Drew’ season 1 was originally ordered for 22 episodes. However, because of the global COVID-19 crisis, the season was cut down to 18 episodes. Hence, episode 18, although it was previously meant to be the spring finale, now serves as the make-shift season finale. There is no new episode scheduled for the show’s freshman outing. In other words, ‘Nancy Drew’ season 1 episode 19 officially stands cancelled.

So, what does this mean for the rest of the four unaired episodes? Well, the showrunners have already confirmed that the incomplete storylines will be incorporated in the already renewed ‘Nancy Drew’ season 2.

Where to Stream Nancy Drew Online?

With a cable subscriber id, you can head to The CW site, to stream all of the released episodes from season 1. You also have the option to use Fubo TVSling TV, and DirecTV to stream and watch ‘Nancy Drew’. You can head to Amazon Prime, in order to buy and stream the episodes.

Nancy Drew Episode 18 Recap:

In episode 18, Nancy and her gang resolve to solve Owen’s murder. They believe that they are next in Agleaca’s list of victims. The crew holds a seance, which goes awry. So Nancy and Ace take a trip to the Historical Society to unravel Agleaca’s secrets. Here, they learn that Agleaca only hunts in a group. This solves one aspect of Owen’s murder. He was killed by a human.

Bess is on crossroads. She struggles with her emotional attachment to Lisbeth while trying to please her family by spying on her girlfriend. George discovers that she can never be intimate with Nick and blames Ryan for messing with her notions about love. Lisbeth gets hold of some solid evidence, which points to Joshua, Nancy’s uncle, as Owen’s murderer. Nancy goes to the nursing home to confront him and Joshua nearly falls to his death but is saved by Ace.

George is able to overcome her emotional issues while Agleaca sends all the members of the Drew Crew a vision of their future deaths. While George and Nick will die by drowning, Bess will burn to her death, Nancy will fall off a cliff, and Ace will be killed after being punctured by a meat hook.

Season 1 ends on quite the cliffhanger — which feels incomplete but somewhat satisfying. Season 2 will take off from here and will follow the gang as they deal with the aftermath of Owen’s death. The future season will also explore Nancy’s struggles as she deals with the truth of her real parentage. The supernatural elements will continue to make appearances in the upcoming season as well — as already confirmed by the showrunners.

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