Navillera Episode 11: What to Expect?

This week’s ‘Navillera’ episode 10 is all about Deok-chul and his family coming to terms with his condition. Now that the truth about his Alzheimer’s is known to most of his inner circle, how will they all cope? Will Deok-chul be able to continue working towards his dream of dancing ballet even as his memory fails? The next episode, the last one before the finale, promises to be an emotional ride (just like the last couple of episodes). Here is what you can expect from the upcoming episode 11 of ‘Navillera.’

Navillera Episode 11 Release Date

‘Navillera’ is all set to release episode 11 on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 3 AM ET on Netflix. Two new episodes, with a runtime of approximately 60-70 minutes each, have been releasing every week on Mondays and Tuesdays. There are going to be a total of 12 episodes, so episode 11 will be the penultimate one before the finale.

Where to Watch Navillera Episode 11 Online?

‘Navillera’ episode 11 will become available to Netflix subscribers globally on April 26, 2021. Apart from South Korean cable channel tvN, Netflix is the only platform where the show’s latest episodes are available for international audiences as well. People who have a Netflix subscription can stream the show here.

Navillera Episode 11 Spoilers

According to the next episode preview at the end of episode 10, Chae-rok will continue working hard with Deok-chul, training with diligence as his performance grows closer. Deok-chul will be excited to finally be able to perform on a stage, and now he has the full support of his family. Deok-chul’s wife will give him her blessing to dance ballet to his heart’s content. At some point, Deok-chul will apologize to Chae-rok, saying that his condition is only going to get worse. But Chae-rok will counter him by saying that even if Deok-chul forgets him, Chae-rok will still remember him. The penultimate episode will nicely set the stage for an emotionally charged finale that will make viewers laugh and cry at the same time.

Navillera Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with Lee Mu-yeong (Chae-rok’s father and Ho-Beom’s erstwhile soccer coach) apologizing to Ho-Beom. But forgiving the man who derailed his life’s trajectory is not easy, and it seems like Ho-Beom will need some time to conquer his demons. Elsewhere, an argument born out of concern causes Chae-rok to tell Deok-chul that he should quit ballet. Talking to his mother, Seong-gwan realizes that Hae-nam knows about Deok-chul’s Alzheimer’s disease, having accidentally heard his conversation with Chae-rok.

Deok-chul forgets to turn off the hob and leaves the house to buy shoes. His wife burns her hand trying to put out the fire from the hob but tries to hide it from Deok-chul, telling her husband that it was her own fault. The next day, the family panics when they cannot find Deok-chul anywhere. Seong-gwan calls his brother Seong-san and reveals the truth about their father’s condition. Seong-san finds Deok-chul and takes him home. On the way back, Deok-chul comes across Chae-rok and performs some moves for him in the snow, leading Chae-rok to say that he should not give up and keep dancing.

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