Navillera Episode 3: What to Expect?

In the second episode of ‘Navillera,’ a Korean drama series about two people on the opposite ends of the age spectrum who share a profound love for the art of ballet, Lee Chae-rok and Deok-chul bond some more. Episode 2 sees Deok-chul working hard to achieve his dream of dancing the ballet. We’ve summarized the episode in the recap section, and you can take a look at all that we know about the upcoming episode 3 of ‘Navillera.’ Here’s what to expect.

Navillera Episode 3 Release Date

‘Navillera’ is all set to release episode 3 on Monday, March 29, 2021, at 3 AM ET on Netflix. Two new episodes, 60-70 minute-long each, are slated to release every week on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the same days, ‘Navillera’ will also air on the South Korean channel tvN, so locals can make a note of this. There are going to be a total of 12 episodes.

Where to Watch Navillera Episode 3 Online?

Starting March 29, ‘Navillera’ episode 3 will become accessible to Netflix subscribers. Apart from South Korean cable channel tvN, Netflix is the only platform where the show’s latest episodes will become available for international audiences as well. You can stream the show here.

Navillera Episode 3 Spoilers

‘Navillera’ episode 3 will see Deok-chul and Chae-rok become closer as they spend all their time practicing ballet. In the preview, when Chae-rok gives Deok-chul a bit of a reality check – that he is too old to become a dancer at his age – Deok-chul insists that he will still give it his all. We might also see Chae-rok’s father return in the next episode. Elsewhere, Deok-chul’s wife will become suspicious about her husband’s activities, still having no clue about the ballet lessons.

Navillera Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode, Deok-chul is asked to master a difficult dance move in one week and hold the position for 1 minute before Chae-rok commits to teaching him. Deok-chul’s son, Seong-gwan, catches him working out at home and advises him to tell his mother about him pursuing his dream. At the ballet studio, Deok-chul impresses Chae-rok by doing the move and holding it successfully.

At his day job, Chae-rok asks a customer to leave after the customer acts rudely towards Eun-ho. He also tells Eun-ho that she needs to stand up for herself and not act like a pushover all the time. They still have no idea that Chae-rok is teaching Eun-ho’s grandpa how to dance the ballet. Chae-rok and Deok-chul continue their practice sessions, and Deok-chul also proves himself a competent manager to Chae-rok. The episode ends with a confrontation between Chae-rok and Ho-beom, who refuses to pay for his food delivery and taunts Chae-rok about his father again.

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