Navillera Episode 5: What To Expect?

Deok-chul and Chae-rok help and support each other in ‘Navillera’ episode 4. Deok-chul lends a hand to Chae-rok in order to fend off a bully and Chae-rok provides encouragement to Deok-chul when his wife expresses her disapproval of his decision to pursue ballet. We’ve provided a more detailed summary of the latest episode in the recap section. Before you get to that, here’s everything we know about the upcoming ‘Navillera’ episode 5.

Navillera Episode 5 Release Date

‘Navillera’ is all set to release episode 5 on Monday, April 5, 2021, at 3 AM ET on Netflix. Two new episodes, with approximately 70 minutes runtime each, are slated to release every week on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the same days, ‘Navillera’ will also air on the South Korean channel tvN, so locals can also watch the show on cable TV. There are going to be a total of 12 episodes.

Where to Watch Navillera Episode 5 Online?

Starting April 5, ‘Navillera’ episode 5 will become accessible to Netflix subscribers everywhere. Apart from South Korean cable channel tvN, Netflix is the only platform where the show’s latest episodes will become available for international audiences as well. You can stream the show here.

Navillera Episode 5 Spoilers

The upcoming episode will focus on Eun-ho and her struggles with her career. In the next episode’s preview at the end of episode 4, Eun-ho has a fight with her father. Eun-ho and Chae-rok connect. Maybe he has some sage advice for her. The preview also shows Chae-rok sending Deok-chul home and telling him not to practice ballet alone. It seems like there will be yet another confrontation between Ho-beom and Chae-rok, which might even lead to a physical altercation.

Navillera Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 picks up right after episode 3, with Deok-chul revealing his ballet dreams to his family. They call a family meeting to discuss the situation, and the members are all polarized. Seong-gwan and Ae-ran are supportive of Deok-chul’s dancing ambitions while everyone else, including Deok-chul’s wife, is opposed to him pursuing ballet at his age. Elsewhere, Mr. Ki, So-ri, Sang-soo, and Chae-rok are all preparing for the competition. Chae-Rok even quits his job at the restaurant and hands in his notice.

Seong-San first tries to get Mr. Ki to kick his father out of ballet, but when that does not work, he takes a different approach. Seong-San calls home and tells his parents that he won’t come back until Deok-chul gives up ballet. Deok-chul, who has a strained back, relents when his wife pleads with him to quit ballet. In the meanwhile, Chae-rok tackles Ho-beom’s bullying. The next day, Deok-chul visits the studio and is sad about not being able to dance. Seong-San again shows up and berates his father for being “selfish.” Only this time, his mother reprimands him and backs Deok-chul’s wish to do ballet.

Chae-rok takes Deok-chul’s present for his granddaughter, a car, to her. Later, Chae-rok and Eun-ho drive around together, and he tells her that Deok-chul is actually not a bad dancer. The episode ends with Eun-ho getting disqualified from her job interview. This is because the interviewer played her. Deok-chul and Chae-rok arrive just in time to see Eun-ho confront the interviewer.

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