NCIS S17 E14: Everything We Know

In last week’s episode (episode 12) of CBS’s long-running police procedural drama ‘NCIS’, we follow yet another twisted case. The team goes hunting for the actual murderer of a pilot when a Naval Lieutenant is accused of the crime. There’s also this hilarious subplot of McGee sharing a bit of very personal news, regarding his upcoming vasectomy, with his staff.

This week’s episode (episode 13) revolves around a corpse discovered at an unmanned aerial vehicle testing site, with the NCIS crew solving if this was an accident or a murder. If you do not want any spoilers, you can check out the plot in our crisp recap section.

Now if you have already finished watching it, you should know that there’s more of NCIS to keep you vested over the next couple of weeks. Without any further ado, let’s guide you through the details of the next episode, which includes the air-time and streaming details of NCIS season 17 episode 14. Read on.

NCIS Season 17 Episode 14 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘NCIS’ Season 17 Episode 14 is titled ‘On Fire’. It will premiere on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, on CBS at 8 PM ET/ PT and 7 PM CT. 

The official synopsis for the 14th episode is: “After Torres and Bishop are victims of a hit-and-run, Torres fights for his life in the ICU.” You can watch a promo clip of the upcoming episode below:

Where to Watch NCIS Season 17 Episode 14 Online?

The best way to watch the latest episodes at the same time they are released on CBS is to opt for a cable subscription. Just tune in at the above time slot and you are all set.

The next option is to catch all the aired episodes on CBS’s official website. Each episode follows a schedule of streaming online on CBS All Access the day after airing on CBS.

Without cable, you can also live-stream the series on Fubo TV, Directv, and Vudu. Previous episodes are additionally available on Netflix and for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

NCIS Season 17 Episode 13 Recap:

In episode 13 titled ‘Sound Off’, “After a body is found at an unmanned aerial vehicle testing site, the NCIS team must determine if the death was murder or an accident. Also, Palmer carefully interviews medical examiner assistant candidates.”

What happens here is, retired Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Backer is found blown to pieces. After a complicated autopsy, Palmer concludes that Backer had been dead before the explosion and the team deduces that his body was shifted to the drone testing field after the murder.

However, they later unravel that Marine Staff Sergeant Diana Murphy was operating the drone. In spite of receiving direct orders, she fired the drone and blew up Backer, who coincidentally happened to be her ex. And Murphy is nowhere to be seen currently. But they subsequently find her at Backer’s place and this incident only confirms their suspicions.

When the team brings her in for questioning, she denies all allegations and when they ask her why she didn’t follow her CO’s command, they realize that she is deaf. In fact, she had been pretending all along and was using her capability to understand what people were saying by following their lips. She had hidden this fact because otherwise, she would be fired. Since Backer was insisting that they needed to inform her CO, the team believes she had a strong motive to kill him.

Further probing reveals that Backer has a stepbrother Ronald Kepczak and they were fighting over property. When the crew investigates this house, which happens to be a soundproof room, they discover that this was the place where Backer was hiding his sonic weapons. In fact, he was doing it to prove that the weapons were faulty but all his reports were ignored and buried by the private contractor, Geary, in charge of those arms. Geary had been selling the shares to George Ingram — Murphy’s CO. Ingram was the main culprit, who had shot Backer, and then kept his body in the shed so that it could be blown up during the drone testing drill.