Preview: NCIS Season 18 Episode 4

In the latest episode of ‘NCIS’ season 18 that dropped this week, the NCIS team investigates a case related to the discovery of two dead bodies in a forest. The crew embarks on a quest to explore the wild world of contemporary treasure hunting. On the other hand, Gibbs and Fornell dive deeper into their search for the opioid kingpin. You can check out the detailed recap of the latest episode of ‘NCIS’ season 18 at the end of this article. Here is a preview of the upcoming 4th episode.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 4 Release Date

‘NCIS’ season 18 episode 4 will air on January 19, 2021, at 8/7c on CBS. Each episode has a runtime of approximately 45 minutes.

Where To Stream NCIS Season 18 Episode 4 Online?

If you don’t prefer watching the new episodes of ‘NCIS’ as they air on TV, don’t worry, there are plenty of options to catch the show online. Viewers can stream ‘NCIS’ season 18 for free on the official CBS website. The latest episodes are released online a day after they air on TV. ‘NCIS’ season 18 can also be streamed on-demand on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, FandangoNOW, and FuboTV.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 4 Spoilers

‘NCIS’ season 18 episode 4 is titled ‘Sun Burn’. Although CBS has not released its official synopsis yet, we do know that the future episode will see the return of Margo Harshman as Delilah. Delilah is married to Timothy McGee and they are a fan-favorite couple from the series. There is planned to be a reunion of some sort and episode 4 will mostly be about the McGee-Delilah arc. It will highlight their marriage and the rough patches in their relationship.

NCIS Season 18 Episode 3 Recap

‘NCIS’ season 18 episode 3 is titled ‘Blood and Treasure’. Former FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell is still busy investigating the drug ring that was responsible for his daughter’s overdose. He then discovers a guy pushing counterfeit opioids and tracks him down to a pill mill. But the man dies from an overdose. Tobias finds out that although the man was making a lot of money, he was doing a menial job at a fast-food joint. To see what’s going on, he takes up a job at the eatery. However, Gibbs does not like the manner in which Tobias is taking matters into his own hands — threatening to blow their cover.

On the other hand, the NCIS team tackles the case of the death of Chief Petty Officer Diego Barnes who was apparently killed after solving the DeMint treasure map. The treasure is gold worth two million, buried by a man named Angus DeMint. The team seeks him out in the woods and he says that he created the treasure hunt to bring people closer to nature. Although he does not offer much help, his daughter gives NCIS a list of names with whom her dad constantly talks on the treasure hunt message board.

The team uses the list to track two other people with whom Barnes was working with. Margot later realizes that the treasure spot was perhaps her mom’s favorite hiking trail. Finally, the DeMint treasure is solved by the team. Meanwhile, when Gibbs checks in on Tobias, he finds out that his friend has gone MIA.

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