Netflix’s Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

Developed from Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk’s novel titled ‘Druga szansa’ or ‘Second Chance,’ ‘Open Your Eyes’ or ‘Otwórz oczy’ is a science-fiction thriller drama series that explores themes like memory, institutionalization, inherent talent, and freedom. The show is set predominantly at a memory disorders facility called Second Chance, where the protagonist, Julia (Maria Wawreniuk), is a patient. As she seemingly has both retrograde and anterograde amnesia, Julia doesn’t remember much about her life before coming to the treatment center.

Julia comes to believe that she lost her parents in a tragic accident, which also caused her amnesia. As the series progresses, Julia begins to have dreams and hallucinations that seem quite real to her. She also realizes that the staffers of the facility may not be what they seem. Following its premiere, the first season of ‘Open Your Eyes’ received mostly positive reviews. If you are wondering if and when season 2 is coming out, we got you covered!

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Release Date

‘Open Your Eyes’ season 1 premiered on August 25, 2021, on Netflix. It has six episodes, each with a runtime of 45-55 minutes.

As far as season 2 is concerned, this is what we know. Neither the network nor the show creators have made any official statement about developing a second season of the show yet. However, the streaming giant seems to have developed a preference for Polish content, as its expansive content library gives the subscribers access to both old and popular Polish series and the original content created for the platform in Poland. ‘The Mire’ and ‘1983’ are examples of such productions.

‘Open Your Eyes’ is part of that major boom in the Polish entertainment industry. Since its premiere, the response of the audience has been good, making a second season a genuine possibility. The first season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving several questions unanswered and several loose ends dangling. These questions can potentially be addressed in the subsequent season. Although ‘Open Your Eyes’ is based on a single book, going by the ending of the inaugural season, it seems like the show creators can continue developing the story and expanding it in whatever way they want.

However, it ultimately depends upon the ratings and viewership garnered by the first season of the mystery drama series. If ‘Open Your Eyes’ manages to replicate some portion of the success of other Netflix original shows like ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Ozark,’ then its renewal is only a matter of time. If that happens in the next few months, we expect ‘Open Your Eyes’ season 2 to come out sometime in 2023.

Open Your Eyes Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the season 1 finale, it is revealed that Julia’s real name is Karolina. She was involved in a car accident, after which she spent two weeks in a coma. After she wakes up, Julia discovers that she can’t play piano any longer and realizes that her talent has been taken away from her and given to Adam (Ignacy Liss), who doesn’t even recognize her any longer. As the season ends, Karolina gets back to the world of Second Chance to rescue her friends.

In the prospective season 2, we might learn more about the process of how talent is transferred from one person to the other. Additionally, the purpose of the “mannequins” kept under the facility might be revealed. Adam, whose real name is Xavier, might find out what his father, Piotr, has done and willingly return to Second Chance to make amends. With Dr. Zofia in her corner, Karolina will probably encounter new antagonists in the following season.

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