Netflix’s The Duchess Season 2: Everything We Know

Netflix’s ‘The Duchess’ is Katherine Ryan’s very first venture into writing, producing, and starring in her own long-form fiction show. Ryan portrays the character of a fashionable, un-filtered single-mother named after herself.  In the show, Ryan’s character grapples with co-parenting her 9-year-old daughter, Olive, being a partner to her casual boyfriend, Evan, and dealing with her sworn enemy of an ex-partner, Shep. 

The Duchess Season 2 Release Date

The Duchess season 2 released on September 11, 2020. All the episodes were made available on the same day. Fans of the show will undoubtedly be looking forward to announcements of a second season from Netflix. However, to date, no such announcement has been made. Whether Netflix commissions a second season of ‘The Duchess’ will largely depend on viewership numbers. 

Even if ‘The Duchess’ is renewed for a second season, given the coronavirus-sized spoke in Hollywood’s wheels, we can anticipate delays in pre-production and filming. Taking all the above into consideration, we can expect ‘The Duchess’ season 2, if renewed, to release sometime in 2022 or later

The Duchess Season 2 Cast

While Netflix hasn’t strictly made an announcement about Ryan reprising her role as writer and heroine of ‘The Duchess’, fans of the show will be pleased to know that Ryan already shares a great rapport with the streaming giant. She has starred in two Netflix specials, ‘Glitter Room’ and ‘In Trouble.’ She has also appeared on the panel show, ‘The Fix’, which is available to stream on Netflix. 

Given her lasting relationship with Netflix and her own eagerness to return with a second season, we can expect Ryan to make a comeback if a new season is commissioned. On the renewal of the show and her return as our flamboyant, no-nonsense protagonist, Ryan said to Popsugar, “There’s lots more story to tell, but it depends on whether or not people watch it. ” 

Her fellow cast members are also eager to star in season 2. In an interview, Rory Keenan, who plays the role of Katherine’s ex-partner Shep, revealed that the intention was always to develop a multi-season series and that he was hopeful for a Netflix renewal. 

The Duchess Season 2 Plot: What Could It Be About?

Ryan has made it clear that her character’s journey is only just beginning and that there’s much left to be told. In an interview, Ryan expressed interest in exploring new and novel themes for a potential season 2. Says Ryan, “There are many avenues that it can go down and I’m writing the second series anticipating that hopefully I will get to do a second series, but I still have so much to say.” Ryan spilled that she would especially like to develop Shep’s character and storyline, come season 2. We could expect everything from a Tru Sé comeback and reunion tour to witnessing the growth of Cheryl and Shep’s relationship. Ryan also has a lot in store for her lead character and daughter. Ryan opines that a second season could explore how Katherine and Olive’s relationship evolves as Olive grows and enters new phases in her life.  Besides, with the entry of a new family member, Ryan will have a lot to run with.

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