Nevertheless, Episode 6: What to Expect?

In the fifth episode of ‘Nevertheless,’ Na-bi breaks it off with Jae-eon after an intense run-in with a stranger unexpectedly reveals bad news. Bit-na is sad about her dilapidated friendship with Gyu-hyun, which gets worse when he starts going out on blind dates. To know what else takes place in episode 5, you can head to the recap. With less than a week left for episode 6 to release, here’s everything that it might reveal!

Nevertheless, Episode 6 Release Date

‘Nevertheless,’ episode 6 will release on July 24, 2021, at 12 pm ET on Netflix. It will also premiere on JTBC the same day before it lands on Netflix, and viewers in Korea could watch the episode at 11 pm KT (Korean Time) on the network. The first season has ten episodes, and new episodes premiere every Saturday.

Where to Watch Nevertheless, Episode 6 Online?

Fans worldwide can watch ‘Nevertheless,’ episode 6 exclusively on Netflix at the date and time given. Apart from its release on Netflix, viewers in South Korea can watch the episode by tuning in to JTBC at the date and time mentioned above.

Nevertheless, Episode 6 Spoilers

In the sixth episode, Jae-eon will latch on to Na-bi once again as they flit across their usual haunts together. Despite her growing closeness with Do-hyeok, Jae-eon will make sure he is always in Na-bi’s vicinity. When she decides to take a trip with her childhood friend, who has the potential to become her lover, Jae-eon will barge in. Lastly, Bit-na and Gyu-hyun will finally begin a relationship. Here’s the preview for the upcoming episode!

Nevertheless, Episode 5 Recap

Na-bi’s uncontested feelings for Jae-eon have birthed several rumors about the pair getting close, and in the fifth episode, Jae-eon hears a group of kids talking about her foolish decision to be with him despite his frivolous ways. Back to their meeting at his workshop, the man who punches him turns out to be the brother of the girl he is dating. Na-bi immediately breaks it off with Jae-eon, thinking she has been played. Bit-na, on the other hand, is furious at the sight of Gyu-hyun going on a blind date with a bowl of mint chocolate in his hand. This is unusual because both of them despise that flavor.

Na-bi struggles to accept her new reality, and when the pain finally becomes unbearable, she calls Jae-eon to check on him, but his number appears disconnected. She bumps into him in the hallway the next day, and Jae-eon tells her to throw away the necklace he had given her. Moments later, he rushes to visit Seol-a in the hospital, and we learn that she has anemia. Na-bi tries to get rid of her sorrow with a fancy meal prepared by Do-hyeok. Later, Bit-na has a drunk episode, and as soon as it reaches Gyu-hyun’s ear, he shows up and takes her home. Bit-na confronts him about his newfound interest in mint chocolate, and Kyu-hyun just tells her that it is known to remedy insomnia, which he has been suffering from.

Bit-na finally acknowledges her feelings for her best friend Gyu-hyun and asks him to date her. In sculpting class, the students are assigned helpers from the junior sections, and Jae-eon is the only one who agrees to help Na-bi apart from Jin-su, raising his hand out of sympathy and missing the class later. This gives Na-bi and Jae-eon the chance to sort through their differences and become friends again. But Na-bi chances upon Seol-a outside and finds out that she is dating Jae-eon.

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