10 Most Anticipated Adult Anime of 2020

There are a lot of factors that come into play when we define an “18 plus” anime. Of course, the R-rated tag is enough of an indication that the show is too mature for kids. However, besides that, even shows like ‘Made in Abyss‘, that might seem a bit too fatuous and childish on the outside, have some bleak psychological themes that are no way suitable for children.

That being said, since anime is now becoming extremely popular in the West, even the demand for mature anime shows is on the rise. So we have created a list of all the upcoming adult anime that are either far too gory, sexually charged or simply too dark for a younger audience. Keep in mind, the following list also consists of new hentai.

10. Ishuzoku Reviewers (January 11, 2020)

Set in a world where apart from humans, there are other quirky magical species as well, ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ revolves around a red-light district that fulfills the desires of all kinds of sexual preferences, from elves to demi-humans to devils and more. The anime centers a character named Stank, a human adventurer who, along with his friend Eroelf Zell, decides to visit all the different species in the red-light district and review them one by one based on how satisfying their services are. As bizarre as it may sound, ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ is just the kind of hilarious Ecchi we never asked for but got anyway.

8. Pet (January 2020)

Based on a manga written by Ranjou Miyake, ‘Pet‘ is an upcoming supernatural anime series which is about a superior race of human beings, who can hack into the minds of others and then manipulate their memories for their own benefit. However, even their population is split between the lines of good and evil. While some of them use their abilities for the benefit of society, there are others who join forces with the underworld and allow evil figures to exploit their abilities. As fascinating as this ability may seem, it comes with a huge price—the ones who use these have fragile hearts that could explode while they try to hack the brains of others. ‘Pets’ delves into the dark side of the world and explores how these extraordinary beings are oppressed.

7. 5-toubun no Hanayome 2nd Season (January 2020)

Sometimes, you just want to sit back and enjoy anime shows that offer nothing but some mindless comedy with its eccentric characters. And that’s where the Ecchi Harem genre comes in. ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets‘ is another one of those anime that captures the essential banality of the Ecchi genre. After being a sleeper hit with its first season, ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ will now be returning with a second season, and this time around, we’re hoping that it will get even puerile than it was in its initial run.

It centers around a young hard-working young boy named Fuutarou Uesugi, who is the top student at his high school. But getting good grades is not enough for him as his family’s poor financial condition gets in his way of going to a decent college. However, with a twist of fate, he ends up getting the opportunity to tutor Quintuplets who belong to a very royal family. But not everything is as simple as it seems and he is in for one hell of an adventure with these girls.

6. Dorohedoro (January 13, 2020)

Dorohedoro‘ is known to be one of the most original manga series of all time as it never really confines itself to a particular genre. In a macabre sort of way, it offers a feel-good story. It is set in a dark district known as “the hole”, where superior mages use ordinary humans as lab rats for experimenting with their magical abilities. But amidst the chaos of this city, lives a reptile-faced man, Kaiman, who is determined to teach these magic users a lesson. Through the grim streets of “the hole”, he embarks on a quest to hunt down the magician who gave him his cursed ugly alligator face, and while he’s at it, he shows no mercy towards the others who have made the district a living hell.

5. Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei (January 17, 2020)

For most unexperienced anime viewers, ‘Made in Abyss‘ might come off as an anime for kids because of its young cast of characters and chibi-style animation, but it is actually the opposite of that. As it slowly unfolds itself, going beyond its deceiving art and all, it reveals itself as something much darker, where there is no happy ending in sight. It has a simple yet intriguing set up that revolves around a mysterious gaping crater, tunneling a thousand feet into the surface of the ground.

With an ample world-building and the most adorable characters, it takes you on a journey that seems to have no happy endings. However, since the new installment of the series is now coming out in 2020, we might just get see a future where the main characters, Riko and Reg, return to a happy life.

4. Goblin Slayer Movie: Goblin’s Crown (February 1, 2020)

Splattering goblin brains with rocks, rearranging the face of the goblin with his knuckles, shooting blazing arrows through goblin eyes—these are the myriad of ways that the Goblin Slayer uses to kill his enemies. And as disturbing as all of this might sound on paper, the anime’s visual representation makes them even more gruesome.

‘Goblin Slayer’, despite having an intricate engaging storyline, has mostly gained a lot of hype because of how it deals with its dark themes. Its bold depiction of gore has drawn a lot of backlash since its release, but then there are other anime viewers who also love it for what it offers. So if you’ve always been a fan of bleak anime like ‘Berserk‘ that never shy away from violent bloodshed and brutality, then ‘Goblin Slayer‘ should be on top of your watch list. Don’t go by its rating as it is paradoxically quite underrated because of its popularity.

3. Koukaku Kidoutai: SAC_2045 (TBA)

It cannot be denied that the 90s were the golden era of anime. Apart from all the classic shounen that premiered back then, anime like ‘Ghost in the Shell’ played a major role in popularizing the medium all over the world. The wacky cyberpunk anime was then later renewed with a side-story sequel, which again came to be known as one of the most memorable anime shows of all time. So it comes as no surprise that Netflix is now creating a whole new sequel of it. ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2045’ will be set in 2045 Japan where Section 9 will again plunge into the dark world of cybernetic crimes in the aftermath of global capitalism.

9. Uzumaki (TBA)

Junji Ito is very well known for his representation of some of the most disturbing and graphic manga. ‘Uzumaki’, one of his most influential works, is now getting an anime adaptation, and from what we know about it from its trailer, just like the manga, even the anime is wrung with creepy black-and-white inexplainable allusions that are far beyond the boundaries of logical reasoning. And that’s probably why his horror works on a whole different level.

The anime adaptation will be a four-part miniseries that will be produced by Adult Swim. If you’ve always been a fan of Junji’s work or you have a thing for thematic horror that gradually grows on you, this is one show you should certainly check out.

2. The Promised Neverland: 2nd Season (TBA)

The Promised Neverland‘ is all about the illusion of a safe haven that blinds a bunch of orphans. All of them live a peaceful life in the confinements of an orphanage that offers them everything. From the love of a motherly figure to loyal friends, these kids have it all and not even once do they feel the need to have a real family. But this world of theirs comes crashing down when Emma, the main character, and two of her close friends discover the truth that was buried right under their noses.

‘The Promised Neverland’ season 1 turned out to be one of the best anime of the year 2019 because of its wonderfully tense pacing, evocative direction, and most of all, genuinely terrifying storyline. With its second season around the corner, we can expect it to be a good competitor for other top-tier sequels that are lined up for 2020.

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1. Attack on Titan: The Final Season (October 2020)

Attack on Titan‘ is the perfect example of how an anime should progress with each season. Back in 2013, when it first premiered, it was an instant breakthrough hit and its major appeal was in its hefty production value that promised some of the most incredible post-apocalyptic visuals. But with each season that followed, ‘Attack on Titan’ matured in something much bigger than it initially promised to be, and at this point, it’s not just a mere shounen that has great action scenes, but it also an epic saga that offers a riveting storyline with the most brilliantly written characters. With its final season, we will indeed get to witness the absolute best of what the anime industry has to offer.

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