New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 13: What to Expect?

In the latest episode of ‘New Amsterdam’ (season 3 episode 12) that aired this week, we saw the hospital roll into a state of frenzy as a pipe burst puts several lives in danger. Max puts his safety on the line as he attempts to stop the flow using his hands to keep the pipes in place. Finally, a distraught Helen finds and nurses him back to health. If you want more details about the previous episode, you can read about it in the recap section. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at what ‘New Amsterdam’ season 3 episode 13 has in store!

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date

‘New Amsterdam’ season 3 episode 13 is slated to premiere on June 1, 2021, at 10/9c on NBC. Each episode has a runtime of approximately 43 minutes. This is the penultimate episode of the current season before the finale airs.

Where to Watch New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 13 Online?

If you want to watch ‘New Amsterdam’ season 3 episode 13 on TV,  you can tune in to NBC at the date and time mentioned above. You can watch the episode on NBC’s official website or the NBC app shortly after it drops on the original network in case you miss it on TV. The show is also available on Peacock TV. You can check for the availability of older episodes on DirecTVYouTube TVFuboTV, and Sling TV, which are all live TV streaming websites. Season 3 is available on Hulu, accessible to subscribers only. Another option is to buy or rent the episodes on Amazon Prime VideoiTunes, and Apple TV.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers

The upcoming ‘New Amsterdam’ season 3 episode 13 is titled ‘Fight Time.’ The episode will focus upon Mina as Helen tries to help her out. Elsewhere, Max might have to make a tough decision about Luna. Considering his love for the kid, it will be odd if he doesn’t put up a fight for her custody. So the next episode will be intense, and the case might even elevate to a custody trial in court. Moreover, Bloom and Casey will treat a patient concealing a huge secret. Iggy will find himself in a dangerous situation. Finally, Reynolds will encounter a young heart transplant patient exhibiting unusual symptoms that baffle him. Here’s a promo for the upcoming episode!

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

In ‘New Amsterdam’ season 3 episode 12, titled ‘Things Fall Apart,’ the hospital suffers from a cathartic chemical spill that severely affects two doctors. Max holds on to the leaking pipe in an effort to minimize the flow. Helen takes him away to be decontaminated. He loses his consciousness for a few moments. After waking up, he apologizes to Helen for not remembering the acute details of what happened earlier.

On top of the trauma from the chemicals that have entered his system, Max learns that his in-laws want to adopt Luna. The news hits him hard, and the resulting stress might further push him away from Helen. It’s been a while since they’ve had a proper moment to hash out their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Lauren’s patient, who was relatively less exposed to the spill, experiences hematoma as she collapses on the floor and screams for help.

Furthermore, Iggy holds a group meeting for parents to let them know of their children’s progress and recovery in the pediatric department. He encounters two mothers who are frustrated because their kid does not want to meet them. Although his behavior is attributed to a psychological disorder, Iggy thinks that it’s the women whose collective problems push him away. In the end, he holds another group discussion that acts in favor of the two mothers. They finally begin to understand each other and the root cause of their problems.

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