New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 9 Release Date, Time and Spoilers

Image Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The latest episode of ‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 follows a completely random malware attack that afflicts the hospital. Meanwhile, Max refuses to sign the papers that would officially fire his colleagues from New Amsterdam. Helen meets her future replacement, and together, they treat a cancer patient. The recap section has more details about episode 8 if you missed its television premiere. Curious about the events in the upcoming episode? Well, let us unveil to you the details of ‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 episode 9!

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 9 Release Date

‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 episode 9 is set to release on November 16, 2021, at 10/9c, only on NBC. New episodes, with a runtime of roughly 43-45 minutes each, release every week on Tuesday.

Where to Watch New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 9 Online?

The most feasible way to watch ‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 episode 9 is on the official network NBC via a cable subscription at the date and time specified above. With that said, if you want other options, you can always stream it on NBC’s official website or the NBC app. In addition, the episode will also be available on Peacock TV and the Peacock TV app a day later.

Apart from the aforementioned options, you can also opt for a few live streaming sites, including YouTube TVDirecTVFubo TVXfinitySling TV, and Hulu + Live TV (through NBC). With a basic subscription to Hulu, you can watch the show on the platform here! Other VOD platforms that house the show include Amazon Prime VideoGoogle PlayiTunes, Vudu, and Microsoft Store.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers

Episode 9, titled ‘In a Strange Land,’ will be an emotional episode revolving around thought-provoking stories about struggling patients. As usual, Max will give his 100% to ensure that they are all receiving the treatment they need. The upcoming episode will kick off with a fire incident that destroys a church where dozens of undocumented immigrants had been seeking refuge. Sharpe and Malvo will treat a patient who is fighting death at every moment.

Dr. Reynolds will have second thoughts about his new position, and Brantley will be occupied in his endeavor to work things out with Veronica. It seems as if the hospital might crumble without Max to handle the problems that repeatedly come up. So despite his plans to leave with Helen, Max’s future more or less is undecided as of now. There might be a scenario in the future where Helen might end up leaving without him. Keeping that aside for now, here’s a promo for the ninth episode!

New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 episode 8 is titled ‘Paid in Full.’ It starts with Lauren, Iggy, and Floyd worrying about Max’s departure set to occur in a couple of weeks, but Iggy is hoping for the best. He believes that Max will take care of the worst. At the hospital, Max confronts Veronica’s decision to fire a group of physicians and surgeons, including Lauren, Iggy, and Floyd. Helen’s replacement turns out to be Dr. Agnes Kao, who proceeds to assist her in treating a cancer patient. An emergency takes hold of New Amsterdam when Iggy realizes that all the patient files are missing.

The computers have been hacked, and $10 million Crypto has been demanded if the doctors want the hospital to keep running. It turns out that a group named Disco Bunny hacked the system when Max opened a suspicious email addressed to the hospital. Veronica suggests using her back channels, and in exchange for that, Max is required to sign the papers that will officially discharge his colleagues of their duties. Gladys and Iggy realize that their patient Angelo tried to kill himself.

When Iggy tries to understand Angelo’s situation, the latter claims that his brain does not work as efficiently as a result of an overdose. Elsewhere, Helen reverses the chemo performed on her patient after accidentally overdosing her with excess amounts of it. The computers finally start working after they transfer the funds, although Veronica is certain that the FBI will be able to retrieve a portion of the money. Max finds a way to keep his friends at the cost of firing 148 people, including Agnes, Claude, Gladys, and Casey.

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