Everything We Know About the Bird Box Sequel

‘Bird Box’ came out not long time ago in December, 2018, during the holiday season. While the film was able to break every Netflix record in sight, currently being the title that has been watched the most number of times on Netflix within a single week, dethroning Will Smith’s ‘Bright’, the film’s longevity and fine aging despite mediocre critic reviews was ensured by the film’s wildfire like presence on the internet shortly after it released.

Netizens were quick to launch an unofficial campaign that ended up working big time in the favour of the film, and memes, movie challenges, discussions about the film’s plot, ending and especially the monsters filled the internet galore. The very definition of what a cult phenomenon would mean in the current time and space of the internet was challenged. You may feel like I am overstating it, but official numbers would back up my claim here. Needless to say, while the internet world was thrown into a frenzy over this, Netflix and the makers smiled their way to the bank and were quick enough to confirm that a sequel to the hit Netflix feature would be happening. Unfortunately, that is nearly all we know, at least officially, about the intended follow up to the hit post-apocalyptic horror thriller film.

However, again, we are not totally bereft of information when it comes to seeing as to where the sequel would head into, especially given that the success of the Bird Box film and the internet sensation it was, drove the author of the first book, Josh Malerman, to go back into his room full of birds to work on a sequel novel. The novel is titled ‘Malorie’ and would be hitting shelves the first of the coming October, 2019.

At this point it would be a reasonable assumption that Netflix is simply biding its time for the sequel novel to come out; something which puts us on a direct course of speculation especially since new details regarding the sequel novel have surfaced from the author himself. Needless to say, if anything, in the absence of an official word, these hints from the upcoming novel are our window into knowing what the sequel film might hold. While we await another wave of theories, memes, and a whole lot of internet frenzy coming our way with the sequel, here is a little something on what we know the sequel might have in store for you guys. Read on.

Bird Box 2 Plot: What can it be about?

That the film had significant changes as compared to the novel is widely known by now, but none of them, according to the author Josh Malerman, including a number of new character introductions, harm the essence of his novel. Even the ending of the film has been tweaked a little to move away from the novel’s dark ending to give a completely positive one, despite both involving Malorie and the kids safely arriving at the sanctuary. Thereon, as Malerman would claim, things are but ready to be thrown upside down again. The most important development here, as stated by Malerman, would be that the sequel would pick up eight years after Malorie and the kids made their way to the former blind school where another community was already in refuge, and the film ending with Malorie naming Boy and Girl, Tom and Olympia.

One of the most interesting things that could stem from here on was that the intended time gap would mean that Boy and Girl (I am going to continue calling them that) would no longer be just kids, but full grown teenagers in the timeline of the sequel. However, Malerman seems to stress upon the fact that it is Malorie’s story first, implying that his focus in the sequel novel wouldn’t be upon the all grown up kids, no matter how much you want the two to survive and have fully resolved, structured character arcs. This is what he had to say about this. “I’ve been asked a ton of times: people want to know what happened with Boy and Girl. But as much as I care about Boy and Girl, this isn’t their story. The Bird Box world is Malorie’s story, and I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to get to know her even better.”

Furthermore, Malerman states that the novel would begin with the trio having left the sanctuary in an attempt to “make things work” in the new, post-apocalyptic world. “It’s not like it opens with them in paradise”, he said jokingly. Coming back to what was easily the most interesting thing about the film: the monsters. Let’s face it, horror movies, especially monster flicks are out by the dozens every few years, but apart from the designs of the monsters themselves, there is little that is scary about them. ‘Bird Box’ is sufficiently able to overcome that by virtue of keeping the threat mostly unseen for the majority of the film, and especially the impact that the monsters had over onlookers that ultimately caused widespread suicides to spread like epidemic through visual contact. It’s an ingenious concept, and what I feel is that even if the first film wasn’t technically a complete knock out of the park, it managed to successfully garner a lot of intrigue from me as a viewer mostly because of the ingenuity of this monster.

For fans who can find their siding with me in what I just said, there is good news. While, akin to the ‘Cloververse’ from the Cloverfield films, we won’t get a direct look at the origins of the monsters themselves, but Malerman has certainly acknowledged that we would know both Malorie and the creatures better by the end of the sequel novel. While we await the release of the novel in the October of this year, I am inadvertently going to be one of the people who would be willing to gorge upon the novel as soon as it comes out, instead of waiting for the Netflix film.

While these exclusive details have been revealed by Malerman about ‘Malorie’, the sequel novel, our speculation for the film sequel is yet completely based on the assumption that Netflix and the makers of the first would abide by it. However, as of now, there is little to no way to confirm that, since it is not completely uncommon for studios to forego that and proceed with a new vision, only partially based on the world and characters portrayed in the first film. While that would seem highly unlikely in this case given that the novel is almost out, showrunners and producers have been known to be notorious on these grounds. I may be talking about a current defaced medieval fantasy show that aired its all but disappointing finale earlier this year, but I don’t want to rule out the possibility of the ‘Bird Box’ sequel being none of what I mentioned above, just as it may be everything I mentioned above.

Bird Box 2 Cast: Who is going to be in it?

No official announcements have been made, but as revealed by the plot details of the sequel novel, this has been Malorie’s story all along, and while Sandra Bullock breathed life into the character with utmost sincerity as she does with all her roles mostly, it would be a no-brainer for Sandra Bullock to return in her role. Other than that, since the first film saw the demise of mostly all of the other key characters in the film after succumbing to the visual epidemic, violently killing themselves or heroically sacrificing themselves for the group, it is tough to predict who else might be cast in the film sequel. Also, expect to see new faces for both Boy and Girl if the film too follows suite with the novel and begins eight years after the events of the first one.

Bird Box 2 Crew: Who is going to be behind it?

It would again be tough and treacherous to venture a guess on this one given that no official announcements have been made, but as with all successful films, it wouldn’t be completely far-fetched to assume that Netflix would like to retain most of the team that made the first one happen, especially Susanne Biers in the director’s chair, and Eric Heisserer as the writer. One thing that I would definitely want is for Trent Rezner and Atticus Ross to return as score composers for the film. Absolutely brilliant work there!

Bird Box 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Two things. Firstly, as I said and I strongly believe, Netflix and the makers are biding their time, closely watching along the sidelines, observing on how well Malerman’s new novel does before going out on a limb and straightaway announcing that the sequel film would draw an obvious inspiration from the novels. In such a scenario, it would be prudent to wait for an official confirmation. Second, as with every successful outing, the unfathomable mathematics of it all simply states that for the success to be repeated, things have to be more or less exactly like the first one. Considering that and all the other converging timelines, December, 2020 release for Bird Box 2 seems like an ineligible guess.

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