New Clues About White Tiger in ‘The Masked Singer’

With five performers remaining in Group A of ‘The Masked Singer‘, the second episode of Season 3 sees some astounding performances. White Tiger had kicked off the show in the season premiere, and his energetic performance had made up for whatever deficiencies he might have had in the vocal department. Let us jump into the clues and guesses surrounding White Tiger, so you can draw your own conclusions as well.

Clues About White Tiger:

White Tiger starts his clue package saying that he did not realize how hard performing would be. However, he says he is putting in the time to hone the craft. We see an image of a cow skiing on a slope, which might be White Tiger’s rival. He also says that he is no stranger to celebrations, and happens to love a good party. Lastly, White Tiger lets us know that he believes that dancing can heal one’s body after it takes a beating.

After his performance, he reveals that the Masked Academy voted him most likely to go to the mat for a friend. You can check out a part of his performance below.

Judges’ Guesses About White Tiger:

Thicke compliments White Tiger’s energy, going so far as to say that even if the music was muted, it would be enjoyable. Nicole commends White Tiger’s conviction. As for the guesses, Biggs picks up on the ‘going to the mat for a friend’ clue. He believes White Tiger might be a wrestler, specifically a tag team wrestler, and goes with Hulk Hogan.

Thicke has the hottest takes in this case. He analyzes the ‘fourscore and seven years’ Lincoln poster from the first package and combines it with the fact that the performers have quite a few Superbowl appearances among themselves. He initially goes with Charles Haley but acknowledges it might be Rob Gronkowski, as guest panelist Jamie Foxx guessed in the last episode. Jenny is inclined to agree with Thicke about the latter.

Our Guesses About White Tiger:

While we had postulated that White Tiger might be Dwayne Johnson, we are inclined to agree with Thicke’s assessment of it being Rob Gronkowski. This is primarily because Gronkowski played for New England Patriots, and clam shucking is associated with New England.

Moreover, while Thicke interprets ‘fourscore and seven years’ to be ‘in seven years’, we interpret it much more literally as ’87’. A simple search thereon will tell you that 87 used to be Gronkowski’s jersey number. While we are not completely sure of White Tiger’s identity yet, we believe he will be unmasked in the next episode, allowing us to verify whether we have been correct, or completely off the mark.

White Tiger, in all honesty, seems like a shaky singer. His choice of songs has been smart, both of them being raps. While this allows White Tiger to get away without exercising his vocal range, we believe that the next episode could see White Tiger being unmasked.