Will There be an Escape Plan 4?

Prison movies tend to be exciting. There is a hint of action that might take place in prison, and the uplifting ones show a change in spirit by the time the film ends. Prison movies are also sometimes about escaping, that is, they tell the tale of a person trying to break out of prison. Sometimes the person trying to break out should not have been there in the first place, and sometimes it is a professional, who makes it their job to break out of prison. ‘Escape Plan’ firmly focuses on the latter and is a unique film in this regard.

We are introduced to the character of Ray Breslin, the founder of Breslin security that tests how good a prison really is, by sending Ray in. Ray breaks out, assessing the weak points and helping the prisons become more secure. The first movie’s success, which hinges on Ray being betrayed by his partner, quickly led to a second film. The movie was a success, following the exploits of Breslin once again, who seems to become more of an action hero as the films progress. The third film shows Ray in all his action hero glory, taking on the son of his former partner, who had betrayed him the first film. This time, Ray breaks into prison to save people, but those closest to him end up getting hurt.

The film ends on a somber note, but the third movie has been a production success, earning praise from Sylvester Stallone, who plays Ray Breslin in all the films. It has also managed to do very well, being released straight to DVD. This leads us to believe that there is a very good chance for us to see yet another installment to the ‘Escape Plan’ franchise. Here is everything we know about ‘Escape Plan 4’.

Escape Plan 4 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The plot of ‘Escape Plan 4’ will be sure to pick up from where the previous movie has left off. Since it is clear by now that a franchise is being built, the story is likely to follow a certain trajectory that will help us understand the central figure of the franchise, Ray Breslin, a little better. The previous movies have shown Breslin being betrayed and going on different missions, trying to remain relevant as a security consultant of some excellence. In fact, the latest film ended on a very somber note for our protagonist as one of his missions turned deadly for his girlfriend, Abigail, who worked with him as a top member of Breslin Securities. Abigail is killed and the movie’s end shows Breslin broken up about it.

This is a possible point that ‘Escape Plan 4’ could pick up. Breslin has been the strong and silent hero over the movies, but Abigail’s death might send him on a self-destructive path that his friends try to keep him away from. We might see Breslin going over to the dark side and using his skill set for unsavory missions. This would set up a redemptive arc nicely that could be explored in further movies of the franchise. Another possibility that ‘Escape Plan 4’ could explore is Breslin’s past coming to haunt him. The man has made enemies in his line of work and they all seem to be ruthless. Thus, it would be unsurprising if one of them took the opportunity to get back at Breslin.

When movies are turned into franchises, there is always the chance that one of the installments could be kind of an origin story that shows how the protagonist got into this line of work. Thus, we might see a film on Breslin’s past and how he becomes an expert in breaking out of prisons. There is also a chance that Breslin might be arrested and sent to prison on wrongful charges, and while his team attempts to get justice for him outside the prison walls, the man might try to set the record straight by breaking out himself. This would ‘Escape Plan 4’ a typical prison break movie.

Naturally, there are numerous possibilities to be explored in the upcoming film and it remains to be seen which direction the franchise heads in.

Escape Plan 4 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

‘Escape Plan 4’ is sure to see a lot of franchise favorites returning to their roles. First off, Stallone is likely to be back again as Ray Breslin, since he leads the star cast and is the bankable actor on whom the franchise rests. Dave Bautista might be back as Trent, one of Breslin’s associates. Curtis Jackson is sure to be back as Hush, the computer hacker who happens to be Breslin’s best friend. Jaime King plays Abigail, Breslin’s love interest, in the movies, but dies in the third part. There is a good chance that the actress might reprise her role for the upcoming movie and appear in flashbacks as we see Breslin trying to cope with the loss.

As far as new cast members are concerned, ‘Escape Plan 4’ will definitely have a new antagonist going up against Breslin and it remains to be seen who is cast in the role.

Escape Plan 4 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

In the event that ‘Escape Plan 4’ is made, Stallone at least will be looking to work with the same crew that was behind ‘Escape Plan 3’. Thus, we can expect John Herzfeld back in the director’s chair, working alongside Miles Chapman as the co-writer. Jacques Jouffret is likely to be in charge of cinematography once again.

Escape Plan 4 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘Escape Plan 3’ apparently took 17 days to make and has an incredibly low-budget for a star-studded movie. We expect that ‘Escape Plan 4’ will be following the same model in order to maximize profits. Thus, once ‘Escape Plan 4’ is greenlit and ready to go, it won’t be long before it becomes available on DVD. We expect ‘Escape Plan 4’ to release sometime in 2021.

Escape Plan 4 Trailer:

‘Escape Plan 4’ does not have a trailer, but you can check out the trailer for ‘Escape Plan: The Extractors’, that is, the third movie.

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