New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Promises a Hell Lot of Fun !

Superhero movies have provided Hollywood studios an easy way to make a ton of cash. With an already established fan-base, they have to hardly apply a lot of thought on the quality — a lot of money is splurged on the production, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into good storytelling. As a result, rarely does a superhero flick comes along that completely blows you away. Take for instance Batman v Superman that released with a huge fanfare but disappointingly didn’t deliver the goods. ‘Deadpool‘, on the other hand, is what superhero films should be — unrelenting doses of fun with some seriously quality writing at display. From the trailers that have come yet, especially this latest one, ‘Suicide Squad’ seems to be following footsteps of ‘Deadpool’ — focus is on comedy than just mindless action. With some really talented actors — from Will Smith to Jared Leto — playing some super-fun villains, we can’t wait for the film to release. But till that happens, we will have to contend with this trailer.