Next Episode 4: How And Where to Watch Online?

Over the last two episodes of Fox’s sci-fi thriller ‘Next’, things had been moving along slowly. The show then went on a hiatus of three weeks because of the World Series and Election coverage. When the series returned with its third episode on November 10, 2020, we saw that NEXT has decided to amp things up by a notch. We will come to the details later. Now, ‘Next’ is all geared up to release another thrilling episode. Want some more insights? Well, our preview is here to help you out!

Next Episode 4 Release Date:

‘Next’ episode 4 releases on November 17, 2020, on Fox at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT. After the three-week mini-hiatus, the show should drop new episodes every Tuesday night at the same time slot. If there are any further changes, our preview sessions will keep you updated. Season 1 consists of 10 episodes.

Next Episode 4 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘FILE #4’. Fox has outlined its official synopsis, which goes as follows: “Shea and LeBlanc steal an important hard drive and enlist Ben, Gina, and C.M. to help decrypt it, as NEXT creates chaos to stunt their progress. C.M.’s past resurfaces as NEXT targets the FBI building with a dangerous ploy. Meanwhile, Ted and his Zava team buckle down on their search for NEXT, Ty, and Ethan hide out in a remote cabin and LeBlanc discovers new information on his health that may affect Abby.”

Where to Stream Next Episode 4 Online?

‘Next’ releases new episodes every Tuesday night at 9 pm ET on Fox. If you have a cable subscription for the channel, you can watch the show on your tv screens. Otherwise, you can catch the episodes online on the official website of Fox. Another option is to stream the series, live or on-demand, on Fox Now, with the help of a tv provider login. For cord-cutters, cable-free, live-streaming platforms include Directv and Sling TV. You can additionally catch the episodes on Hulu + Live TV, which gives access to channels like Fox.

Next Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode called ‘File #3’, NEXT uses the Amber Alert to create panic among people. The missing boy’s photo pops up on everyone’s phones as being abducted. However, C.M. manages to get the alert reversed, showcasing that humans still have some control over machines.

Meanwhile, LeBlanc and Salazar reach Biomotion Dynamics in New Hampshire, to meet LeBlanc’s old friend Richard — a quadriplegic, who communicates via a keyboard. LeBlanc suspects that the guy is hiding something. Therefore, after some time, he and Salazar head back to the lab and reboots Richard’s system. This is when he understands that Richard had been talking to NEXT all this while.

Soon, Salazar and LeBlanc get trapped in the lab surrounded by electrical objects, programmed to kill them. They manage to escape but there is another revelation. NEXT has found another way to maintain the chaos. It has teamed up with a dangerous prison gang to do its bidding. Moreover, the gang is somehow tied to C.M.!

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