Next Episode 7: How And Where to Watch Online?

In the latest episode of FOX’s ‘Next’, Shea steps up to save Ethan from a life-threatening danger while Ty needs to take a difficult decision for the sake of his family’s safety. LeBlanc decides to discover a solution for his degenerative brain disease. On the other hand, C.M. and Gina flee the hospital and get to know one another better. Ted takes a risk to gain control of the server firm in Singapore and uses Abby to access NEXT’s hard drive, which is with LeBlanc. We will come to the details later.

Now, ‘Next’ is all geared up to release another thrilling episode. However, the rest of the remaining episodes have a different schedule, as compared to the earlier ones. There is even a brief hiatus. Want some more insights? Well, our preview is here to help you out!

Next Episode 7 Release Date:

‘Next’ episode 7 releases on December 15, 2020, on Fox at 9 pm ET/ PT and 8 pm CT. The show will drop its eighth episode on Monday, December 21, 2020. Season 1 consists of 10 episodes and it will wrap up with its two-part finale on Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

Next Episode 7 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘FILE #7’. Fox has outlined its official synopsis, which goes as follows: “LeBlanc and Shea discover Ted’s plan for the NEXT server and race to intervene before it is too late. Meanwhile, Ben and Gina investigate NEXT’s latest victims, Congresswoman Elenor Beatty (guest star Karin Anglin) and reporter Harrison Cole (guest star Carl Clemons-Hopkins), after a freak accident occurs, and Shea reaches her breaking point.”

Where to Stream Next Episode 7 Online?

‘Next’ releases its 7th episode on Tuesday (December 15, 2020) at 9 pm ET on Fox. If you have a cable subscription for the channel, you can watch the show on your tv screens. Otherwise, you can catch the episodes online on the official website of Fox. Another option is to stream the series, live or on-demand, on Fox Now, with the help of a tv provider login. For cord-cutters, cable-free, live-streaming platforms include Directv and Sling TV. You can additionally catch the episodes on Hulu + Live TV, which gives access to channels like Fox.

Next Episode 6 Recap

In the 6th episode called ‘File #6’, Paul takes Abby to a desolate warehouse while Shea and Ty attempt to free Ethan from his evil grandad. However, when they reach the docks, they see that Ethan is holding Nacio at gunpoint, thanks to his mother’s gun. Shea leads her father away with her shotgun and apparently kills him. Ty, on the other hand, blames Shea for not informing him about her father earlier. Ty leaves with his son, leaving Shea behind.

Meanwhile, Paul, in order to control his brain disease, decides to give himself shock therapy. Ted is too impressed with NEXT’s power and seems to be in full support of the AI’s next strike. He does not realize the danger posed by NEXT even after checking out the images of hazardous, lethal bio-weapons on the drive. Sarina is curious to know where NEXT’s server farm is located.

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