Next on Fox: Everything We Know

Created by Manny Coto, ‘Next’ is a sci-fi crime drama that follows the multiple trials of a homeland cybersecurity team as they attempt to stop an AI that has gone rogue. What’s more? The AI is so powerful and intuitive that it can constantly update itself. In fact, Coto’s inspiration behind creating the series has a fascinating backstory. He came up with the idea when he heard his son’s Alexa talking by itself at 3 am in the morning! Weird right? Well, delving deeper into the constant, looming superabilities of AI is what ‘Next’ is all about. And here is everything you need to know!

Next Season 1 Release Date:

‘Next’ season 1 releases on October 6, 2020, on Fox, at 9/8 c. It consists of 10 episodes.

Next Cast: Who is in it?

John Slattery from ‘Mad Men’ fame stars as a Silicon Valley pioneer named Paul LeBlanc. One day, Paul makes a scary discovery. A powerful AI, which is his own creation, has gone rogue. In fact, the technology is so strong that it threatens to destroy the world. Therefore, he teams up with a cybercrime agent, Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade), to defeat the man-made antagonist.

Joining the lead duo in other important roles are Michael Mosley as CM, Gerardo Celasco as Ty Salazar, Eve Harlow as Gina, Aaron Moten as Ben, Evan Whitten as Ethan Salazar, Elizabeth Cappuccino as Abby, and Jason Butler Harner as Ted LeBlanc.

Next Plot: What is it About?

Paul LeBlanc is a Silicon Valley pioneer who has created a name for himself and amassed a massive fortune and legacy by making innovative, world-changing technology. However, he eventually discovers that one of his AI creations, a superly powerful program called NEXT, has grown extremely powerful. When Paul realizes that NEXT spells impending doom for humanity, he decides to stall the project. But then, he is thrown out of the company by his own brother Ted. Having no choice, after a series of tech glitches, Paul teams up with Special Agent Shea Salazar and her team to avert the global crisis.

Creator Manny Coto has described the first season as a manhunt that spans two weeks. He said, in this story, “AI knows everything about the people around it but is attacking them through their personal lives and careers, so they can in turn not attack it.” The show explains how the impact of an AI outbreak would happen quickly, leaving no time for preparation. And the scarier part? The super-intelligence works by accessing massive amounts of information, which is readily available on the Cloud and mobile devices! Moreover, since the AI is not inherently evil, without a consciousness of its own, it works as per set programming.

Next Trailer:

You can watch the trailer for ‘Next’ season 1 below!

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