Who is Night Angel on ‘The Masked Singer’? Clues and Guesses

Amongst all the participants in ‘The Masked Singer‘, one that had us scratching our heads all along, has been the Night Angel. From the moment the costume was introduced, we have been wondering what a Night Angel is, and who is behind the mask.

Now that Season 3 has finally moved on to Group C, and we will get to see the Night Angel perform for the first time, you might be wondering about who is the celebrity wearing the costume. Despite the lack of anything substantial, we have come through for you with a list of clues and guesses surrounding Night Angel’s identity.

Clues about Night Angel:

The Night Angel is one of the most enigmatic performers this season. Almost nothing is known about the character, or who might be behind the mask. However, we do know that the outfit has bright pink wings, and a purple skirt, which is ruffled. This hints at something magical, and perhaps even royal in nature (purple being associated with royalty).

The detailed face mask and feathers in the hair have led fans to guess that an over the top personality might be behind the mask. You can check out Night Angel’s outfit below.

Guesses about Night Angel:

As you can see, we don’t have much to go on. However, Twitteratis have not wasted time pointing out that Jeffree Star might be behind the outfit. He is a fan of bold and bright colors and has dyed his hair pink and purple. Moreover, Star happens to love gold, which is visible in Night Angel’s outfit.

Fans have also worked on the theory that he has numerous tattoos, and Nick Cannon announced that the performers have 160 tattoos, among them. You can check out a fan’s tweet below, asking Star is he is Night Angel.

Some have also guessed that James Charles might be Night Angel. After all, he did start his career as a musician. Apart from that, there are several other guesses being thrown out currently. This is mostly because fans do not have enough clues to go on.

Some netizens have pointed out that Night Angel could be Nicki Minaj. This makes sense, as the singer does prefer edgy and slightly crazy costumes. One fan has also thrown out some guesses, with their reasoning. Night Angel might be Lil Kim, the famous rapper because her height matches Night Angel’s. It could also be Lady Gaga for the same reason. Additionally, Gaga’s personality is also in tandem with Night Angel’s appearance.

Demi Lovato is also a solid guess, based on the height, and personality. You can check out the tweet below, detailing the reasons behind the guesses.


Some fans are obviously excited to see A-listers on the show. Thus, one has even guessed that Night Angel might be Angelina Jolie. However, this appears to be too far-fetched to be taken seriously. On the other hand, the possibility that Night Angel might be Fergie or Beyonce is way too real.

Although both of them are extremely famous stars, the new season has shown that ‘The Masked Singer’ can attract legends like Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Queen Bee or Duchess Fergie taking the stage.

That being said, there are almost no clues about Night Angel at this point. The moment we get the first clue package, a lot of doubts will be cleared up. Thereon, going by the clues provided, and the performances, we can keep eliminating possibilities, and making more accurate guesses. Stay tuned to find out more about Night Angel in the coming episodes.

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