Nightflyers Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

Nightflyers an American horror TV series that first premiered on December 2, 2018, on Syfy. On February 1, 2019, the show premiered world over on Netflix, the streaming giant. George R R Martin, the name behind Game Of Thrones, is the writer of the novella that inspired Nightflyers.

The first season of Nightflyers has ten episodes, the last of which aired on December 13, 2018. Back in 2016, there were announcements that Martin’s novella would be used to develop a series for Syfy. In 2017, there were more details released that the story would be based on the 1987’s adaptation of the same film. It was also told that George R R Martin would not be directly involved in this series but would be named as the executive producer since he had already signed an exclusive contract with HBO that prevented him from actively taking part in the making of this series. Later in January of 2018, Netflix took up the responsibility of co-producing the show. Jeff Buhler is the writer of the series, a major part of which is filmed in Ireland. As of February 2019, Nightflyers has been discontinued after its first season.

Nightflyers Cast: Who’s In It?

Eoin Macken plays the role of Karl D’Branin, an astrophysicist, who is charged to lead the Nightflyer expedition. David Ajala plays Roy Eris, the captain of the Nightflyer expedition. He is also a recluse, and people are unsure of his actions. Jodie Turner-Smith is cast as Melantha Jhirl in the series. Angus Sampson plays the character of Rowan, a xenobiologist.

Sam Strike plays the role of Thale, an L-1 telepath. Maya Eshet is cast as Lommie Thorne, a cyberneticist, who has a surgical implant in her arm. Using the neuro port implant, she is able to communicate with all of Nightflyer’s computers. Brian F. O’Byrne plays Auggie, the chief engineer of the futuristic ship. Gretchen Mol plays the role of Agatha Matheson, a psychiatrist whose specialization revolves around dealing with telepaths.

Nightflyers Plot: What Is It About?

Set in the distant 2093, Nightflyers is a riveting psychological thriller that focuses on scientists who leave earth with an aim to locate life on other planets. Nightflyer, a highly progressive and advanced ship helps these group of scientists to set out on their expedition to fulfil their purpose. As they move further into space, they arrive at the edge of the solar system in their quest.

With each passing mile, their insanity begins to get the better of them as the realization dawns upon them that there is true horror awaiting them ahead. Whatever is out there in space has also crept on their ship. This causes the crew members to turn on each other and begin exhibiting violence. It is followed by a series of deaths. As expected and awaited, the last episode of season 1 ended on an open note, hinting at the fact that there may be a season 2 soon. Also, the last episode opened up a Pandora’s Box, revealing new information and unearthing numerous unanswered questions. What really created curiosity was the Volcryn’s endgame, the expanse of their powers, and the fate of the crew members when there is a showdown with the Volcryn.

Martin has talked to USA Today explaining how the book wasn’t really written for television. He said, “If you’ve read the novella or seen the movie, it doesn’t obviously lend itself to a TV series. It’s a haunted-house story. Everybody dies, except one character. Eight people get on a spaceship and one by one they’re killed horribly, leaving only the heroine at the end.”

Nigthflyers was pitched to be a series that would have more than one seasons. According to The Verge, the showrunner Jeff Buhler was quoted as saying, “We’ve seen a lot of first-contact stories, and they usually centre on an alien species attacking the Earth for resources, or something along those lines. I wanted to tell a sort of twist on that story.” He added, “When I pitched Nightflyers, I pitched a journey that encompassed more than one season. The novella essentially outlines where the first season goes and leaves us in a place of total mystery. We have some opportunities to dig a bit deeper into the world.” However, its first season didn’t do as well as one may have hoped and ended up getting cancelled despite the script’s potential to continue.

Nightflyers Season 2 Release Date: Canceled or Renewed?

Nightflyers season 1 premiered on Syfy on December 2, 2018. Netflix came aboard as a co-producer and holds the sole International airing rights and the secondary airing rights in the United States. The first season of Nightflyers ended on an open note, leaving fans curious as to whether there will be a season 2 or not.

In February 2019, it was announced that season 2 stands cancelled and the first ten episodes were all the fans would ever get. The show is said to have recorded very low ratings during its first season and despite being planned as more than a one-off, it had to be discontinued. If we hear news regarding Nightflyers season 2 release date, if it gets miraculously renewed, we will update this section.

Nightflyers Trailer:

Catch the Nightflyers trailer below. The entire season 1 can be streamed on Netflix.

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