Nimona 2: Will There be a Sequel?

A Nick Bruno and Troy Quane directorial venture, ‘Nimona’ is an animated sciencefantasy action-adventure film that deals with themes such as fluid identity, non-conformity, and challenging those in power. The film also serves as a metaphor FOR LGBTQ+ acceptance. Based on the 2015 graphic novel of the same name by ND Stevenson, the story follows Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed), a former knight accused of murdering the queen of the kingdom. As his former comrades, including his romantic partner Ambrosius Goldenloin (Eugene Lee Yang) and others in the realm, look for him, he is found by a teenager who wants to be his sidekick. Initially dismissive, Ballister discovers that the teenager, Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz), can transform into a human or animal of any size. With her help, Ballister starts his search for the person who framed him.

Following its release, ‘Nimona’ received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Much praise was directed at the film’s animation, voice-acting, and exploration of the themes. If you are wondering whether there will be a sequel to ‘Nimona,’ we got you covered.

Will Nimona 2 Happen?

‘Nimona’ premiered on June 30, 2023, on Netflix. The film was originally in development at Blue Sky Studios, and Patrick Osborne served as the director. But then, 21st Century Fox, Blue Sky’s parent company, was acquired by the Walt Disney Company, where the project received pushback reportedly for a same-sex kiss. Annapurna Pictures eventually stepped in and hired Bruno and Quane to direct the project before putting it out on Netflix. As for the ‘Nimona’ sequel, here is what we know.

Neither the filmmakers nor the Netflix executives have yet confirmed the development of a sequel. Stevenson hasn’t written a sequel to his graphic novel yet. So, for ‘Nimona 2’ to materialize, there needs to be an original story with the same characters, or Stevenson can write a sequel to his graphic novel, which will then be adapted.

There is considerable narrative scope in ‘Nimona’ that can potentially warrant a sequel. In the film, Ballister discovers that the Director of the Institute (Frances Conroy) set him up. Recruited by the queen herself, Ballister was meant to be the first knight of commoner origin in the Institute in 1,000 years. A fanatic adherent to the tradition of her organization, the Director refused to let it pass and orchestrated a plan to not only eliminate the queen but also blame Ballister for her death. Her plans worked, but what she didn’t foresee was the return of the monster from the kingdom’s mythology, and that’s Nimona.

It turns out that Nimona and Gloreth, the knight who built a wall around the kingdom and established the Institute, were once friends. Gloreth even accepted the fact that her friend was a shapeshifter. But when the adults found out, they panicked and attacked Nimona, prompting her to fight back. During the incident, one of the villagers threw a torch at Nimona’s back; it ricocheted and set fire to the houses. This prompted Gloreth to pick up a wooden sword and point it at Nimona, telling her to go back from where she came.

In the present day, feeling betrayed by Ballister, Nimona transforms into a monster and tries to fall onto the sword of a massive Gloreth statue. Ballister stops her and asks for her forgiveness. She subsequently transforms into a phoenix and neutralizes an attack by the Director, who was trying to use her cannon at Nimona, knowing full well that it would kill hundreds of thousands of citizens of the kingdom who are in the vicinity. Afterward, Ambrosius and Ballister reunite, and it is hinted that Nimona is still alive.

The prospective sequel can explore the world beyond the wall, introducing us to new characters. It can also utilize characters from the source material that didn’t appear in the first film. Nimona might continue to be Ballister’s sidekick as they take on new challenges. Ultimately, for a sequel to be greenlit, it all comes down to how successful the first film is. If the announcement for the sequel happens within the next few months, the viewers can expect ‘Nimona 2’ to come out sometime in Q3 2025.

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