Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4: What to Expect?

The “strangers” in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ are beginning to get to know each other’s dark secrets, and episode 3 is particularly revealing about the otherwise cheerful Napoleon’s deep emotional wounds. It looks like Masha, too, might have underestimated the group, as they now seem to suspect that she’s been giving them mood-altering substances. We’re left at a maddening cliffhanger, and the next episode can’t come quickly enough. If you can’t wait for it either, we’ve got some good news for you. Here’s everything we know about ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ episode 4.

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4 Release Date

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ episode 4 is scheduled to release on August 25, 2021, at 12 am ET on Hulu. The first three episodes collectively released on August 18, 2021. Subsequent episodes will release on the platform every Wednesday at 12 am ET. In total, the miniseries has eight episodes.

Where to Stream Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4 Online?

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ episode 4 will be available to stream on Hulu. You can also watch all the previously released episodes on the platform. The Hulu app is compatible with most web browsers and streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV.

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4 Spoilers

Episode 4 is titled ‘Brave New World’ and promises to explore Masha’s mysterious plan, which she refers to as the New Protocol. Though we still don’t know how much of it will be revealed, considering the guests now suspect her of drugging them, Masha’s methods will most likely be discussed, and we can look forward to some startling revelations. We might even get to know a little more about the psychedelic-looking smoothies that are repeatedly referenced and are custom-made for each of the nine guests.

Additionally, with Napoleon’s emotional baggage now out in the open, it is unlikely he will continue his sunny, unaffected disposition, and we can expect to see some serious changes in his character. The silver lining to all this is that it seems to have brought him and his wife Heather closer together. The motivations and backstories of Lars and Carmel still remain largely opaque, and perhaps we will get to know a little more about the two characters who seem to constantly be at each other’s throats (literally)!

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 opens with Carmel physically attacking Lars after an argument breaks out at the breakfast table. However, the group soon moves on and is distracted by an outdoor potato sack race which kicks off their “Earth Day.” Tempers begin to rise when they are informed that the only food they’ll get will be what they can forage and find, and they set off into the Tranquillum House retreat’s vast grounds. Soon, driven by hunger and some mysterious effects, the group opens up to each other, revealing many secrets. Carmel shares that her husband left her for a younger woman, and Ben admits that he is merely a lottery winner and has done nothing to deserve his riches.

As the evening sets in, Tony spots Masha’s pet goat and decides to kill it for food. The group returns with the carcass, and Masha, though distraught, commends them for sticking to the spirit of the challenge, which was to forage for their own food. The episode ends with an outdoor feast during which Napoleon, with his speech slurred, admits that he feels guilty for his son’s suicide. He also reveals that it was him, not Tony, that killed the goat. His wife Heather then confronts Masha and asks whether she has been drugging the group. The episode closes with Masha’s enigmatic smile in response to the question.

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