No Game No Life S02: Will it Happen?

Centered around the lives of two NEET gamers, Sora and Shiro, ‘No Game No Life’ follows their lives as they take on a fantasy world where every game comes to life. With its intriguing well-developed characters and meticulously put together gaming rules, ‘No Game No Life‘ truly sets itself a notch above all the other similar anime. Not to mention, Madhouse Studio has done an incredible job with its visuals and character designs.

If you have seen the first season of this amazing anime, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. And just like most of its fans, I’m pretty sure that you’re starting wonder when its second season will premiere. So to know everything about the release of the second season of ‘No Game No Life’, read on further.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘No Game No Life’ season 1 premiered on April 9, 2014, and with a total of 12 episodes, it finished airing on June 25, 2014. Soon after its release, the anime received rave reviews from both viewers and critics and was an instant hit. Since it was commercially successful, many fans were pretty certain that it would receive a sequel in the future. So to please the fans of the show, Madhouse studio released a prequel movie of the anime, titled ‘No Game No Life: Zero’, which premiered on July 15, 2017.

However, since the release of the movie, we haven’t really head much about the anime’s continuation. But our best estimate is that ‘No Game No Life’ season 2 will release sometime in 2021. Let’s analyze the rationale behind why we think that the anime might be back soon.

Madhouse Studio is one of the best anime studios out there, so any anime that has been created by them has to perform really well commercially to be considered for renewal. Also, if we look at the studio’s history of anime sequels, barring a few exceptions like ‘Overlord‘,  most of their anime shows are simply one season wonders that will probably never be renewed. But clearly, ‘No Game No Life’ is amongst the best performing shows that they have created and has also been rated really well on most anime forums.

In May 2017, it was reported that over 3 million copies of the light novel are in circulation. Moreover, when Seven Seas Entertainment initially began localization of the manga, it reached The New York Times Manga Best Sellers list. Adding to this, even renowned websites like IGN praised the anime for its unique character dynamics. So considering all the positive feedback that it has received over the years, Madhouse will clearly be missing out on the opportunity to cash in on a great anime if it decides to cancel it.

Apart from that, if we compare the anime with its source material, it covers 5 out of 10 volumes of the original light novel in the first season. The movie covers the 6th volume, which leaves the creators with 4 volumes of content. So a lack of source material should certainly not be an issue. Madhouse Studio probably has an extremely busy schedule and has a whole lot of anime shows scheduled for the coming one year, but ‘No Game No Life’ seems to hold a lot of potential and has a massive fan base spread all over the world.

There were also some rumors about plagiarism allegations on the writer of the light novel series, Yū Kamiya, but these were later dismissed as the author continued to publish the last few volumes of the source. It is a possibility that these rumors initially hindered the release of the second season, but now that they’re seemingly out-of-the-way, the creators of the show might again consider it for a sequel. More so, now that the anime is Netflix as well, the positive response it has received on the platform might eventually inspire the creators to renew it.

In conclusion, if you have been anticipating the second season of ‘No Game No Life’ like many other anime fans all over the world, there is a good chance that you might get to see it sooner than later. As soon as we get any confirmed news regarding its release, we will update it here in this section. Till then, you can rewatch the entire first season on Netflix.

No Game No Life English Dub

You can stream the English dubbed episodes of ‘No Game No Life’ on Crunchyroll and Amazon. You can also stream it on Netflix with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. When it comes to ‘No Game No Life: Zero’, you can watch its subtitled version on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HiDive.