Noragami Season 3: Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Noragami, which is known as Stray God, is an anime based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Adachitoka. While fans are eager to know about Noragami season 3 release date, let’s try to first look at the history of the show. The first season of Noragami began airing on January 5, 2014 and had a total number of 12 episodes. The second season, titled Noragami Aragoto, aired in Japan from October 2, 2015 to December 25, 2015, with a total of 13 episodes. Here’s everything we know about its third season.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Noragami season 2 released October 9, 2015. Since then, fans have been waiting for Noragami season 3. The season two had ended on a cliff-hanger, so the wait has become even more excruciating. There have been speculations that the third season will add a new story-line and have a great deal of adventures. Because of the fact that Noragami Vol 20 recently released on February 15, 2019, we can be hopeful of Noragami season 3 release date to be sometime in 2020 or 2021.

Noragami English Dubbing:

You can stream and watch all the episodes of Noragami English Dubbed on Funimation and Crunchyroll. You can also watch subbed and dubbed episodes on Hulu.

Noragami Plot:

Hiyori Iki is an average middle school girl but her fate gets turned when she meets with an accident while saving a stranger. Due to the accident, her soul slips out of her body and she becomes Ayakashi and very aware of the two parallel words. With the help of the newly found ability, she can travel to both sides of the world frequently such as afterlife (far Shore) where human souls and demons wander around and human world (Near Shore) where animals, normal humans, and other creatures reside.

While traveling from one part to another part of the world, Hiyori Iki gets acquainted with a Yato, a nameless god. He does not have his own temple so he takes a fee of five yen of accepting mortal’s wishes. He collects money to build his own temple where humans could worship him. Hiyori requests him to fix her body too because she doesn’t like it when her soul leaves her body from time to time. She wants to live a normal life again. But Yato has some other thing planed in his mind. She also meets Yukine, who is Yato’s Regalia. The trio becomes good friends and goes through various adventures.

In the third season, Yato’s true identity and dark past get revealed. The guy who kisses Hiyoru is none other than Yato’s father. This season will showcase the relationship between Yato and his father. Bishamon forgives him for killing his first family and Yato wants to become a god with millions of worshippers. He starts gathering allies and on the other hand Nora is coming after him to seek revenge. Nora was her previous Regalia. Unaware of the horrific side of Nora, Yato has made a new enemy. Ebisu, the God of Fortune Ebisu was using the Phantoms for the amelioration of the world is declared as a felon and all the gods do not like his doings and decide to kill him. With the help of Yukine, Yato becomes the god of fortune.

Noragami Characters:

10. Rabou

Let’s kick-start the list with one of the antagonists in the ‘Noragami’ series, Rabou. Rabou is a God of calamity and not much is known about him. He is slender, tall and sports silver hair. He only has a right eye which has the color of Yellow. Like his body, his clothing isn’t so sleek as it is mostly loose and baggy. Rabou is often seen carrying a sword. To cover his empty left eye he covers his face with a sun visor. He is really cautious, calculative, and careful which make him a formidable rival.

Rabou is not the one to blindly rush into combat. He sits back and gauges the strength, abilities, and weaknesses of an enemy and then if the conditions are favorable he takes part in the combat. We find out that he initially used to be a man but upon his death evil wishes were made which made him reborn as the God of calamity to kill. He takes up jobs including the murder of humans, phantoms and even Gods. One of the main abilities of Rabou is his water manipulation ability. Using this he can create water clones and imprison enemies in the water sphere. He can also absorb phantoms. He has a past with Yato and seems to be holding some kind of grudge against him.

9. Daikoku

Daikoku is sort of a caretaker or father figure to Yato and Kofuku. He is actually the Shinki of Kofuku. he tries his best to maintain maturity among this bunch of misfits and is not afraid to punish Yato or Kofuku if they are fooling around at the wrong time. Daikoku is tall and has a muscular built and his age is a mystery to everyone. He has shoulder-length black hair. When he is in Kokki form he transforms into a Japanese fan. Though he almost seems to hold a stern or serious expression he is actually very loving and caring which often makes him overprotective of Kofuku. He likes kids but Yato and Kofuku tease him for that by portraying him as sort of a pedophile which is not true. He is quite defensive when it comes to Kofuku. Also, since it seems that Kofuku incurs bad luck Daikoku tries his best to avoid fighting. But he is one of the most reliable and responsible persons in the group. He is quite manly and is not afraid of anyone or anything.

8. Kuraha

Kuraha is a supporting character in ‘Noragami’. He is one of Bishamonten’s Shinki. His physical appearance in human form is that of an old man with scruffy beard and mustache and grey hair. He wears a smart suit which is common for most of Bishamonten’s Shinki. He wears a black patch over his right eye which was injured by Yato. Kuraha transforms into a lion with a scarred right eye when he is in his regalia form. Though most of the times Kuraha can be seen being calm and composed he can become very vicious when it comes to protecting his master Bishamonten. He places great trust in Kazuma who seems to be the first in command when it comes to Bishamonten’s Shinki.

Kuraha doesn’t like his master getting involved in violence and tries to stop him from fighting. His abilities include turning into a lion with bright-green eyes. In this form, his abilities exceed that of a normal lion as he has more physical prowess. The name of his vessel is Kinki. At times Bishamonten mounts Kuraha in his lion form. There’s a funny side to him which one can see when he is drunk as he starts acting like a house cat and does circus tricks.

7. Nora

Nora is a stray and has been Shinki to multiple masters. She is a former Shini of Yato’s as well as Ebisu. She has chin-length black hair and wears a white robe with red and gold sash. Her head sports a hitaikakushi which is a triangular piece of clothing or paper. She also uses a pale lipstick. At first, we see her being very calm, kind, and gentle. She seems to genuinely care about Yota, prompting him to use her. She used to be a human and during those times all she ever wanted was to have a family that cared for her. But later this same wanting makes her greedy enough to take up violence.

We also learn that Nora is very manipulative and tries to taunt and kill Yukine commenting that he is impure and Yato should use her instead of him. She follows the order of ‘Father’ whom Yato follows too. Though her actions are quite sufficient enough to make her seem villainous she was, after all, a pawn in the grand scheme by the family of Yato. Nora has various different and special abilities including Water manipulation, shape-shifting, boundary, restraint, memory fragmentation, etc.

6. Kazuma

Kazuma is one of Bishamonten’s Shinki. He is the first in command. He turns into an earring having flower shape when he is in his Shinki form and has the ability to track enemies. Kazuma is the last remaining Bishamonten’s old Shinki after Yato murdering them. he looks like a teenager and has short, brown, Kurt hair. His eyes are green and he wears a pair of spectacles. He can be mostly seen wearing his uniform as one of Bishamonten’s Shinki.

In his human life, Kazuma was the second son of a salt wholesaler and when he was made to inherit the business his brother gets jealous and murders him. Kazuma is very good and always tries his best to protect Bishamonten even knowing when to disobey her for her own welfare. After learning of his association with Yato Bishamonten disowns him. Kazuma is easily one of the most powerful Shinki in the anime series.

5. Hiyori Iki

Hiyori Iki is one of the main characters in ‘Noragami’. She is one of the characters who kickstart the plot in the anime and appears in the very first episode. She belongs to a very respectable family and loves martial arts. Currently, she is a junior high student and is 16 years old. She was the one to save Yato from the car accident but unfortunately, she becomes the one to get hit. Though she survives the incident makes her soul become loose and thus she starts having frequent out-of-body experiences. When she falls asleep a pink tail grows out of her.

The incident involving Yato has made Hiyori Iki a half-phantom which allows her to do experience the aforementioned-thing. Hiyori is very beautiful and has pale skin, long brown hair, and magenta eyes. She can be often seen wearing her school uniform consisting of a sailor shirt and knee-length skirt. She is very kind and has a big heart which makes her help anyone even if they are complete strangers. Her special abilities include astral projections, smell recognition, memory reading, and supernatural senses.

4. Yukine

Yukine is one of the main characters of ‘Noragami’. He is one of the Shinki of Yato. He did have a human life once when he was in middle school. So, even after he is dead he acts like a teenage kid. After dying he starts stealing money from people giving himself the excuse that it is okay since he is not alive. He changes his ways after Hiyori saves him. he then becomes obedient and respects Yato and Hiyori a lot. Yukine has golden hair and reddish-orange eyes, He is quite short in height being shorter than Yato and Hiyori.

Though at the first summoning Yukine wears a white robe he changes his attire to grey jeans, blue hoodie and a knit cap which resonates more with his age. He is really upset about the fact that he is not alive anymore and gets jealous of people who are alive. Though at first, he is very cold and cruel he becomes nice after Yato punishes him and he confesses all his sins. He has the power to transform into an Odachi which is a long katana. His forms changes after changing into a Hafuri, a dual wield katana. He is hardworking and diligent and sometimes can be seen working for Daikoku to earn money for himself and Yato. His special abilities include Rend, severance, boundary, restraint, etc.

3. Kofuku

Kofuku is one of the supporting and recurring characters in ‘Noragami’. She is a God of Poverty. Her Shinki is Daikoku who is quite protective of her even attacking Yato if he misbehaves with her. She is on good terms with Yato. Though Kofuku is full of energy most of the times she can be quite gentle too. She is quite attractive and has a petite figure. She has shoulder length hair which is quite curly and has a baby pink coloration. Kofuku wears a white shirt, a pink miniskirt with a checked pattern, and a matching tie. She can occasionally be seen wearing a beige sweater over her shirt. Her attire makes her look like a school girl. She is free-spirited and wants to have fun even though she is unable to because of Daikoku being too strict on her. Like Yato, she likes doing mischief and is quite bright.

Though most of the times we see Kofuku living carefree she gets very serious at times for instance when she threatens Bishamonten. She loves Daikoku a lot and had fallen for him at first sight. Being a God of Poverty she was scorned most of her life and was not allowed to have a Shinki as it would augment her power which would bring forth disaster and chaos. She has the power to bring bad omen or luck. She also has the ability to open and predict vents which are mass of glooms in high concentration serving as openings to the underworld which attract phantoms

2. Bishamonten

Bishamonten is one of the main rivals of Yato throughout the series. She is the God of War and Fortune and is quite strong. She is also the sexiest female character in ‘Noragami’. Bishamonten owns multiple Shinki as she is unable to abandon spirits who have been hurt by Ayakashi. She really hates Yato and both constantly try to attack and kill each other. We later learn that she wants to kill Yato because one time he slaughters many of her Shinki. She is very beautiful and has a slender figure. She has long blonde hair which almost reaches her feet. Her skin is quite pale and her eyes have purple coloration. Her attire is quite sexy too and includes a grey buttonless jacket, a short grey skirt, a black bra, and long black boots. She also wears a black hat.

Even though Bishamonten is a Goddess she is very kind and generous towards her Shinki. She always tries to help souls who are wandering or have been abandoned by including them in her family without even thinking about their usefulness. But she is completely opposite when it comes to Yato because of their past. She even disowns Kazuma, one of her Shinki, when she learns about his past with Yato. She has an impressive armory which includes a two-handed sword, a gun, a whip etc.

1. Yato

Yato is one of the protagonists of the anime series. He desperately needs to be famous and wants to have millions of followers even though he does not have a single shrine in his name. He considers himself to be the God of Fortune but often others label him to be the God of Calamity and Depression. Yato wears a navy suit with a golden crown on the right and a blue scarf. He is dark purple hair and has sharp blue eyes. He refers to himself the Yato God. His personality can be really annoying as he is cruel and mischievous and has very low patience.

Yato loves money whether it be earning it or spending it. From the very first episode, we see him call himself a ‘delivery God’ and inscribes his number at various common places so that people in need can contact him. Yukine is his Shinki. He is a master swordsman having the ability of Rend and Severance. He also has the ability of teleportation and divine possession.

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