When Will Nova Wonders Season 2 Premiere on PBS?

Nova Wonders is a documentary series presented by Nova on PBS Network and TBD. The show is a science-reality show that intensely dives into the world of cosmos and life on Earth. It also addresses the underlying questions of the Universe that has remained the source of curiosity for ages.

The first season of the show premiered on April 25, 2018. It was well-received by science enthusiasts. Now, the question arises: will there be a ‘Nova Wonders’ season 2? We will delve into that question, but first let’s quickly look into the details of the series.

Who Are the Hosts of Nova Wonders?

The main host of the show is Talitha Williams, a talented mathematician, while Rana el Kaliouby, a computer science expert and Andre Fenton, a neurologist are the co-hosts. Apart from them, the episodes also feature other experts and researchers to talk about the subject of the show and present different sets of perspective. The hosts are not any celebrities or media figures per se, which make the audience believe the authenticity of the show even more.

For Nova Wonders Season 2, we can expect to see the same hosts, but of course, as they aren’t our typical celebrities, the viewers can also expect new scientists on board with different expertise.

What is Nova Wonders About?

Whether you are a science fanatic or not, if you are a human, you must find yourself asking questions along the lines of ‘how it works the way it works’ for one aspect of life or the other. Nova Wonders answers such mysterious and most pondered questions, most simplistically and intricately. If you want to upgrade your science knowledge, this is the show for you.

Unlike most of the other science documentaries, Nova Wonders does not just address the questions and leaves the audience at a blank and open note. It introduces you to the answers as well as the workings and mechanics behind them. Also, the show is conceived in such a way that even though it can digress at times, it never gets boring. The hosts always keep you wanting for more. The series unravels different layers of astrophysics, medical science, advanced technologies and a lot more.

From questioning how dreams work to wondering if your dog can understand you, there are millions of questions that strike a human brain but, most of the time go unanswered. When you think about it, our own body that is still full of infinite mysteries is yet to be discovered completely.

But like we have read, heard, and witnessed throughout our lives, excess of anything is bad. The science and technology, apart from making us advanced are also imposing threats on our world. People have come way too far in their mission to create a new age world, so much so that they have forgotten to preserve what we already have. Nova Wonders addresses the uncomfortable questions of how far we have gone in the search of new and advanced life and what are the challenges we are bound to face due to the same.

Nova Wonders Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Nova Wonders season 1 premiered on April 25, 2018, on PBS Network. and came to an end on May 31, 2018 after 6 episodes.

The network has not announced any official news for the show’s renewal, but as we know, science is never-ending. Looking at the fact that there are still millions of questions in the world unanswered, Nova Wonders season 2 might return sometime in 2020.

Nova Wonders Recap

If you own a pet or many pets, you must have observed that after a while, some of them start to understand you and your words. In fact, pets like dogs are even given the training to follow your commands. You also would know about animals like wolves living in packs and noticed a bird chirping only to receive a chirp from someplace afar. All of this happens because animals can talk as well and have their own codes that we are not aware of. The first episode of the show takes us through an amazing journey, where we see researchers from all over the globe trying to crack the communication code of animals.

Imagine someone telling you that no matter how clean and exfoliated your skin is, there are still tiny bacteria on your face that come out through your pores in the night and return inside after a while. Shocking, right? That’s how shocking the second episode is where you learn what exactly lives inside your body.

The following episode hunts for leads on one of the biggest questions of the Universe, aliens. The episode dedicates one hour to analyze how far we have come in the search of life beyond our planet and what would happen when we find it. The next few episodes follow gene and STEM technology and the plausibility of our science-fiction dramas coming to reality in the near future.

We expect to see similar and more such interesting and mysterious subjects addressed if and when Nova Wonders season 2 airs.

Nova Wonders Trailers

There is no official trailer for Nova Wonders season 2. Catch the trailer for season 1 below

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