Will There be an ‘Oblivion’ Sequel?

With roughly a hundred mainstream films releasing each year, it is surely difficult to get directors, actors, technicians and producers in one room to even discuss the prospects of continuing the story for even wildly successful films, leave alone a film that came out years ago, clearly implying that everybody involved would have seemingly moved on. Then again, if a sequel or even talks of it were to happen, they would have by now, doubled up on by the internet’s absolute lack of any information about one. However, at this point, I must also stress that talks for an ‘Oblivion’ sequel were not completely hot in the first place, with director Joseph Kosinski initially envisioning it as a standalone story, based on his unpublished graphic novel of the same name.

Oblivion’ follows technician Jack Harper operating as a drone repairman on war ravaged Earth roughly 60 years after an alien invasion that the humans seemingly successfully fended off, but that left the planet a barrenscape, unfit for human population, that is now to be shifted to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and are now aboard a pyramidal spaceship called the Tet.

Harper operates with communications manager Victoria, living with her in a tower overlooking the sky, and together, the two are responsible for ensuring smooth functioning of the hydro rigs that harness the Earth’s oceans for fusion energy for the new colony on Titan, and reconning to the mission control in the Tet, to be extracted within two weeks to be transported to Titan along with the other survivors.

However, when one of the drones is taken down in his sector and goes missing owing to activities by the surviving members of the alien race ravaging the Earth’s remaining resources, Jack goes down to investigate learning that things may not be all that they seem to be, discovering that the alien threat to Earth may still be looming large.

Prospects of an Oblivion Sequel

We often look to the endings of such films for predicting what the plot of a possible sequel could look like, and in this case, by the time the black screen dawns upon ‘Oblivion’, the film has wrapped up all of its plot points and loose threads neatly with a bow tie, even if some of them might have seemed unconvincing.

Any lingering questions that remained were intended as such, or may simply be construed as plot holes, which the film had plenty of. There were talks of another film going the prequel way, with Kosinski stating that “we (Tom and I) are talking about something. We talk about stories like a prequel. I don’t want to give anything away but there is an interesting thing about going back before the invasion in a prequel,” implying that there could have been a film focussing on Odyssey, the mission, and the pre-war period wherein we actually see the alien invasion by the Tet, but talks on that too seem to have died down back in 2013, shortly after the film released and completed its life cycle at the ticket windows.

You may not actually believe it, but the public appreciation of Tom Cruise as an actor has seen a manifold turn since ‘Oblivion’ released. That was the time when people were actually citing a ton of Cruise films as repetitive ventures, and as with a number of “stars” around the globe, his acting too was under the microscope for very similar reasons.

However, in the years that followed, the massive success of his other ‘Mission Impossible’ films, coupled with some strong performances over a string of successful movies have only furthered his reputation as a global star with a very strong fan base.

The point behind discussing this is given Cruise’s reputation right now, there’d had to be significant fuel inside and significant traction behind any property to have Cruise attached to it, and in that, sequels to his previous hit movies are a uniquely twisted proposition. Among those, a sequel that only garnered a moderate critical score, has nearly no die-hard fans so to speak of, even if it has a respectable fan base within the recents of the sci-fi circuit, and yet again, a moderate score at both the home circuit and international markets, has very, very low chances of happening, unless a revolution of sorts ignited audience interest in seeing it, something I don’t see happening in the near future.

As of now, the only sequels he’d be starring in include his own home base, ‘Mission Impossible 7’ and a possible 8, a sequel to ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ that too is most definitely happening, and ‘Top Gun Maverick’ that is also scheduled for a release next year. The interesting thing here is that Cruise would be reuniting with ‘Oblivion’s director Joseph Kosinski for ‘Top Gun Maverick’, a film that is receiving a sequel after 34 years. So, while Cruise and Kosinski clearly seem to have moved on, together I might add, it is also clearly never say never in Hollywood. So, while it may not be happening currently, fans can hopefully keep their fingers crossed for this one.

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