Where is Octavia Gahagans From My 600-lb Life Today?

Octavia Gahagans, who appeared in the seventh season of ‘My 600-lb Life’, is an embodiment of determination, patience, and strong willpower. Her story started off on a tragic note but in her episode, she proved that if one is firm about his/her goals, s/he can achieve anything. Yes, her story has managed to inspire many, and you might now ask — how is she doing now? We will get to that but first, let’s start from the beginning.

Octavia Gahagans My 600-lb Life Journey:

At the time of filming, Octavia Gahagans was 42 years old. She hails from Kansas City, Missouri, and when we first met her, she was tipping the scale at 692 pounds. Because of her obesity, she became immobile and could not leave her apartment. Of course, her condition was a result of a troubled childhood. She spent her growing-up years in an abusive home and her stepdad often behaved violently with her mum. Octavia was also a victim of molestation and by the time she reached 20, she was well above 500 lbs.

Things turned for the worse when her mother died when she was 23. But since Octavia had to take care of her sister, Desiree, she did not even get the space to mourn her loss. However, when Desiree married and left home, Octavia’s eating habits spiraled out of control and she started nearing the 700 lb mark. Hence, in order to transform her life, she decided to visit Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston.

Once she reached Houston, Dr. Now, as usual, prescribed her a strict diet. And with extreme dedication and consistency, she managed to reach the weight limit required in order to be approved for the gastric bypass surgery. By the end of the episode, she cut down her weight by 236 pounds and weighed 456 lbs.

Where is Octavia Gahagans Now?

Fortunately, Octavia has stayed true to her promise of following a healthy lifestyle. And her progress is one of the most incredible transformations ever! A look at her Facebook page and you will wonder if this is the same immobile woman we had met in the show. You can check out a few of her posts below and see the change for yourself:

Currently, Octavia lives in Houston, Texas and she has founded her own brand called Crayons and Chains. She might have shifted to the city to be nearer to Dr. Now, who monitors her health now and then. Octavia also seems to be following the schedule that is required to maintain her health. Below you can see her in one of her workout sessions where she shows off her arm after the weight loss:

And the reality star is no more bedridden. She is fully fit to move about on her own. In one of her Insta posts, she is seen all prepped up to enter Walmart in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic:


Of course, her posts have inspired many of her followers. One of her fans appreciated her efforts in a comment, which he wrote below a post: “You look so amazing! My daughter was overweight and didn’t wanna get out of bed. Except when it was time to go to work. One day she made up her mind to lose weight. She lost over 100 lbs in one year! That was over five years ago. I guess that’s what drew me to your story. U are such a beautiful woman. & now u are healthy and thriving. Continued success on your journey ?♥️”

We hope she continues on her journey and receives all the happiness and success she deserves.

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