Will There be a ‘Omniscient’ S02?

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‘Omniscient’ is a sci-fi thriller show that is set in a world where the public is under 24/7 surveillance by drones that monitor each and every move of the citizens. One night, a murder takes place in a regular household but there is one strange complication, the drone malfunctions and therefore, fails to capture the particular incident. Now, the daughter of the man embarks on a mission to find the killer. Pedro Aguilera serves as the creator of the science fiction drama. He is also the man behind the critically acclaimed shows like ‘3%’ and ‘Condomínio Jaqueline.’

The futuristic drama promises to deliver a compelling and fast paced storytelling, coupled with some amazing performances, high-octane drama, outstandingly crisp visuals created through CGI by the talented visual effects artist, Felipe Rio Branco. If you love the first season of the show, you might be wondering if you will get to see Omniscient Season 2. Here’s everything we know.

Omniscient Cast: Who is in it?

Carla Salle headlines the cast as Nina, the woman who is set to find her father’s killer. She is best known for her roles in ‘Land of the Strong’ and ‘Motorrad.’ Multiple award-winning actor Sandra Corveloni essays the character of the helpful detective, Judite Almeida. Her notable works include ‘Linha de Passe,’ and ‘Gloria and Grace.’ ‘O Último Virgem’ fame Guilherme Prates plays the role of Nina’s friend Daniel.

The additional cast members include ‘City of God’ and ‘City of Men’ actor Jonathan Haagensen as Nina’s co-worker; Luana Tanaka, known for ‘Deadbeat Dad,’ as another trainee at Omniscient Systems who appears friendly on the outside but is hiding a sinister secret; ‘The Restaurateurs’ fame Marco Antônio Pâmio as Nina’s father, and Brazilian actor Marcello Airoldi, who is known for ‘Seize the Day.’

Omniscient Plot: What is it About?

‘Omniscient’ is set in the future, where government has put the citizens under strict surveillance by deploying tiny dragonfly-esque drones that keep a visual record of their activities for privacy and safety reasons. Nina, who has grown up surrounded by the drones, despises their existence. However, she ends up getting an internship at the very organization that manufactures them, i.e. Omniscient Systems. The system that boasts that drones are responsible for the drastic reduction in the crime rate in the area.

One night, as Nina heads home for dinner with her father, she is shell-shocked to find him lying on the floor, soaked in blood. He has been shot on the back by someone, but who could it be? She calls the Omniscient System’s Emergency, only to learn that no case of murder has been reported by the drone. But she is certain that her father’s drone has been filming the horrific ordeal the entire time, and rushes to the system chief to request for the footage but is turned down. The system asks Nina to keep the matter confidential.

Nina’s friend Daniel and detective Judite Almeida join Nina’s mission to uncover the truth behind the faulty drone and find her father’s killer. In the process, they discover some dark revelations, which confirm that the system is not as safe and idyllic as it claims to be. Now Nina must go against the system to find out what they’re hiding.

Omniscient Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Omniscient’ season 1 released on January 29, 2020, on Netflix.

As far as the next season goes, here’s what we know. The first season of the show ends on a rather confusing note, leaving room for further exploration of the story. We also are aware that Netflix has heavily invested in foreign shows and wants to continue expanding their foreign collection. Considering everything, we think the probability renewal is quite high. If renewed, you can expect ‘Omniscient’ season 2 to release sometime in January 2021.

Omniscient Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Omniscient’ season 1 here.