On My Block Season 5: Renewed or Canceled?

Netflix’s ‘On My Block’ follows a group of street smart teenagers from minority communities living in the rough and tumble neighborhood of Freeridge. The coming-of-age teen comedy revolves around four friends, Ruby, César, Jamal, and Monsé, as they attend high school in their predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhood. Created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, the show chronicles the rocky terrain of youth, social inequalities, and personal relationships.

Since its first season premiered on March 16, 2018, the show has amassed positive reviews and a horde of dedicated fans. Its expert handling of sensitive issues regarding teenagehood and underrepresented communities certainly struck a chord with many. Despite this, ‘On My Block’ is concluding with its fourth season. Why did Netflix pull the plug on such a popular and critically acclaimed show? Will there ever be the possibility of a fifth season? Here’s everything you need to know about ‘On My Block’ season 5!

On My Block Season 5 Release Date

‘On My Block’ season 4 premiered in its entirety on October 4, 2021, on Netflix. It comprises ten episodes with a runtime of 25-38 minutes each.

You must be wondering: what about season 5? Well, we have all the information you seek. When Netflix announced the renewal of ‘On My Block’ for season 4 on January 29, 2021, it emphasized that the fourth season would also be the last. Despite being Netflix’s most binge-watched show of 2018 and collecting great ratings ever since, ‘On My Block’ is saying goodbye to viewers as the story arcs of the main characters sufficiently conclude in its fourth and final season. It makes sense that the show ends with Ruby, César, Jamal, and Monsé entering adulthood and potentially moving towards college life.

Reportedly, the main cast’s salary negotiations — $200,000 per episode for seasons 1 and 2, $650,000 per episode for season 3, and $850,000 per episode for season 4 — may have also had a role to play in season 4 being the last. Sources claim that the main cast would have raked $1.05 million per episode had there been a fifth season. In general, Netflix’s original shows tend to not go beyond four seasons to avoid higher production costs.

Thus, with a heavy heart, we have to affirm that the fan-favorite show is officially concluded with season 4. Taking the aforementioned points into consideration, it is unlikely that ‘On My Block’ season 5 will ever get made. The cast and crew dropped several emotional goodbye messages, reaching out to fans for their wonderful support throughout the four-season run of ‘On My Block.’

Peek their heartfelt words and heartwarming images, and get ready to bid adieu! The main cast comprising Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Jessica Marie Garcia, and Julio Macias became fast friends during their journey on the show. They dedicated the show’s final run to fans, cherishing their enthusiasm and vocal support.

“It’s not goodbye forever,” stated Gray, addressing his fellow cast members. “We’re all so close that it’s saying goodbye to our characters, but definitely not [each other],” said Garcia. Fans can find joy in the fact that their favorite characters reunite on-screen for one last season and that the characters’ real-life counterparts are going to stay in touch!

Of course, Netflix is clearly aware of the impact of ‘On My Block,’ because it has ordered a spin-off series titled ‘Freeridge.’ Cheers, for our exploration of the neighborhood of Freeridge is not yet over! Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft will return as showrunners for this comedy spin-off. “There are more stories to tell of our beloved Freeridge and I cannot wait to continue to work with this talented team,” said Iungerich.

‘Freeridge’ will follow a new group of friends as they deal with a potential curse in their neighborhood. So, instead of being disheartened by the conclusion of ‘On My Block,’ you can get excited about its spin-off series. Oh, and there is always the option of rewatching ‘On My Block’ again in its entirety on Netflix. Go ahead, we won’t judge.

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