One of Us Is Lying Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers

‘One of Us Is Lying’ on Peacock follows the Bayview Four as they try and prove their innocence after witnessing their classmate Simon mysteriously die in front of them. The gripping story moves ahead rapidly, and Simon’s murder acts as a catalyst for many of their darkest secrets coming out. As the students try to keep their skeletons hidden in their closets and deal with an overbearing investigation, a mysterious killer seemingly roams free and revels in the chaos.

So far, the first season of the mystery show has managed to entertain the audiences with its compelling premise and thrilling performances. Now that the last two episodes are around the corner, it’s natural for fans to be eager to know about the details. If you’re looking for similar information, we’ve got some good news! Here’s everything we know about ‘One of Us Is Lying’ episode 7!

One of Us Is Lying Episode 7 Release Date

‘One of Us Is Lying’ episode 7 is set to premiere on October 21, 2021, at 3 am ET on Peacock. It will be followed by the season finale, i.e., episode 8. The show’s first three episodes premiered on October 7, and episodes 4, 5, and 6 came out the following Thursday, on October 14. In all, the first season has eight episodes of approximately 50 minutes each.

Where to Stream One of Us Is Lying Episode 7 Online?

Since ‘One of Us Is Lying’ is a Peacock Original, episode 7 will exclusively be available to stream on Peacock from the aforementioned date and time. All previous and newly released episodes can also be accessed on the streaming platform.

One of Us Is Lying Episode 7 Spoilers

As the penultimate installment of the season, episode 7, titled ‘One of Us Is Not Giving Up,’ essentially marks the beginning of the end of the inaugural season. Fittingly, many crucial plot points will be revealed, and we can expect the episode to open with details about Nate’s arrest and the Bayview Four attempting to clear his name. We will also learn more about Janae’s role in running Simon’s About That app and what she and Maeve might be hiding.

The central mystery of who killed Simon will continue to be the focus, but there are many more details that the upcoming episode might delve into. TJ seemingly revealed one of their teacher’s secrets to Simon before he died, bringing Ms. Avery into the ring of suspects for Simon’s murder. Lastly, since the season is heading towards its conclusion, we can also expect some explosive secrets about the central characters to come to the surface. The final episode of the season is titled ‘One of Us Is Dead.

One of Us Is Lying Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 is titled ‘One of Us Is Dancing!’ and is set largely during the school Homecoming dance. The Bayview Four struggle with letting go of their suspicions of each other even as a new suspect comes to the fore. Once Janae clears her name, she tells the group about TJ arguing with Simon on the day of the latter’s death, shifting suspicions to an unlikely candidate.

As they try and retrace TJ’s steps from the fateful day, the boy figures out what they are trying to do. Saddened that Addy suspects him, TJ then reveals that he told Simon a secret about their teacher, Ms. Avery, in order to keep TJ and Addy’s affair a secret. Bronwyn and Nate finally reconcile near the end of the episode and share a dance, during which they kiss. Soon after that, however, the lights come on, and the police arrest Nate for Simon’s murder, leaving the entire school shocked.

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