Only Murders in the Building Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers

‘Only Murders in the Building’ is deep into its first season, and just when we feel that the mystery of Tim Kono’s death is finally about to be resolved, another startling twist leaves the viewers gasping. The eighth episode of the comedy series follows Charles, Mabel, and Oliver, who have only a matter of hours on hand to either prove that Teddy Dimas and his son, Theo, are the killers of Tim or give into Teddy’s threat and end their podcast.

The trio does manage to compile all the evidence and create an air-tight case against the Dimases, which leads to the father-son pair’s arrest. However, in the closing moments, Detective Williams uncovers enough evidence that confirms the Dimases did not murder Tim. Now, Charles, Mabel, and Oliver are about to find themselves in a sea of trouble, and we are impatiently waiting to see the consequences of their “incompetency.” If you are also excited to see the next chapter in the story, here’s everything you need to know ahead of watching ‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 9!

Only Murders in the Building Episode 9 Release Date

‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 9 will release on October 12, 2021, at 12 am ET on Hulu. The debut season comprises ten half-hour episodes, and the remaining two episodes will land on the streaming platform weekly every Tuesday.

Where to Watch Only Murders in the Building Episode 9 Online?

You can watch ‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 9 on Hulu. The new episode can be watched by subscribers starting from the date and time specified above. Folks outside the USA can watch the series on Disney+ Star in select countries.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 9 Spoilers

‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 9 is titled ‘Double Time’ and will deal with the aftermath of the revelation that the Dimases are likely not the killers of Tim Kono. It remains to be seen who the killer is, and one major moment from the show’s first episode could provide some clue. In the premiere, in a flash-forward sequence, we see Mabel covered in blood beside a dead body wearing a tie-dye hoodie. We now know that Oscar is the tie-dye guy, so Mabel likely will somehow get implicated in Oscar’s death. We are likely to find more about this scene in the next episode.

Likewise, we will also learn about the fate of Charles’ girlfriend, Jan, who he finds stabbed and unconscious at the end of the previous episode. Considering that Jan and Oscar are the only two people outside the trio deeply involved in the investigation of Tim’s death, the killer targeting them does make sense. We also know that before Tim was shot, he was poisoned, and that was the cause of his death, which means we could see at least two new suspects in the upcoming episode. After their misstep with the Dimases, the trio will have to be extra careful in the future.

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