Orange Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters, English Sub

High school life has always been the perfect setting for most typical shoujo anime and ‘Orange’ is no different. While the relationships and characters in the anime are rather cliched, it stands out with its unique sci-fi plot that revolves around time travel. It has its own heart touching moments and when it comes to the emotional side, it is almost perfect. But when it comes to the execution of its time travel mechanisms, it really messes up at certain points and leaves a lot of loose ends. Overall, despite being nothing more than average when it comes to pretty much every element including the plot, the art, and even the sound, ‘Orange’ is able to fuel intense emotions in the minds of its viewers through its depiction of passion, sadness, love, and hate. I would no way call it a brilliant time travel anime like ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ but as a whole, it sure is worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy a show that has deep emotion and fairly decent science fiction story.

Orange Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Orange’ season 1 premiered on July 4, 2016 and went on till September 26, 2016. During this span, it aired a total of 13 episodes with each one of them being 24 minutes long. This season was then followed by an anime movie titled ‘Orange: Mirai’ which released on November 18, 2016. Since its release, the anime has done fairly well and can be considered to be slightly above average considering its ratings on various anime forums and platforms.

Since ‘Orange’ is not an original story and has been adapted from a manga, it can only have a sequel season if the manga has more content left to be covered. Unfortunately, Season 1 covers all that is there to the story and nothing else remains in the source material. This clearly implies that season 2 is not at all a possibility as of now unless the manga comes up with more volumes of it. There have been rumors that a spin-off manga will be released soon so maybe in the coming years, we can expect a whole new spin-off season of the original story. But these are all just speculations right now and unless the creators give us an actual heads up regarding any of it, we cannot be too sure about the future of ‘Orange’. If there is any news regarding its renewal or ‘Orange’ season 2 release date, we will surely update it here in this section.

Orange English Dub:

The English Dub of ‘Orange’ is available on Funimation and you can also stream on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Orange Plot:

It’s the first day of sophomore year at high school for Naho Takamiya and she is off for a rough start. She gets up late in the morning and rushes her way through her morning routines. As she hurries out of her house, a mysterious letter slips out of her school bag, that is addressed to her. When she takes a closer look at it, she realizes that this letter actually comes to her from her future self. Though she is skeptic initially and believes that someone is playing a prank on her, she soon realizes that it is a genuine letter when many events described in it start becoming a reality. She is then forced to believe that her 26-year-old self has sent her this letter.

As she further reads the letter, she realizes that her future self is full of regret and wants her to undo the mistakes that she made in the past. The letter also asks her to stay away from a new transfer student named Kakure Naruse. She is warned that every decision she makes concerning the guy, must be backed up with a lot of thinking. In the future, Kakure does not even exist and it’s on her now to save him by using the letter as her guide. Will she able to alter Kakure’s fate and somehow race against time to save his life or will she meet the same future all over again?

Orange Characters:

Takako Chino

Takako Chino is Naho Takamiya’s best friend who is the first one to know about Naho’s letter from the future. Along with the help of a few other friends. The two girls, with the help of a few other friends, try to save the life of Kakure Naruse from meeting his fate before it’s too late. She is a tall slender girl with black hair and blueish grey eyes. For her age, she is quite mature and always believes in standing up for her friends, especially when someone tries to pick on her best friend Naho.

Saku Hagita

Saku Hagita is Naho’s classmate and he also gets a letter from his future self asking him to save the life of Kakure. He joins Naho and her friends and races against time to save the life of their friend. Saku has an average height and is less muscular compared to other boys his age. He wears glasses over his light brown eyes and has short messy brown hair. He is a calm and softspoken guy who often becomes the victim of many jokes in the group. He also does some really strange things like drawing abs on his stomach with a pen during the school’s sports festival.

Azusa Murusaka

Azusa Makusa is one of Naho’s best friends and supports her throughout the series. She is a very cheerful girl and is usually seen with a big smile on her face. When in middle school, she accepts all the nicknames given to her which shows that she is also very open-minded. She can also be a little mischevious at times but she knows how to be serious when its time to.

Kakeru Naruse

Kakeru is the main character of the show and the entire story of the series revolves around his fate. All the characters in the show try to turn around his fate by following the instructions given to them from future letters. Kakeru is a good looking guy with dark hair and eyes. He is initially a reserved person who keeps to himself but later when Hirito and others invite him to walk home with them, he slowly opens up and starts enjoying the company of others. He pretends to be all happy when he’s around people, but deep inside, his mother’s death still haunts him and depresses him every time he thinks about it.

Hiroto Suwa

Hiroto Suwa is another main character of the story who also gets a letter from his future self asking him to save the life of Kakeru. He is also the main protagonist of the sequel movie that revolves around his feelings for Naho. Suwa is really tall and is also heavily muscular. He has chestnut-brown hair, black eyes and wears his uniformly very neatly compared to his friends. He is the first person who starts talking to Kakeru when he is transferred to his school and invites him over to hang out with the group. Hiroto is simply a very easy-going and an extroverted guy who has a really good sense of humor.

Naho Takamiya

Naho Takamiya is the main female protagonist who receives a letter from her future self informing her that she and her friends must somehow save the life of Kakeru. She has walnut brown hair with green eyes and has an above-average height. She really cares for those around her but often fails to express her feeling to others fearing that they might get offended or misunderstand her. She may not show it all the time but she is deeply passionate about things that truly matter to her. Kakeru and Hiroto both develop romantic feelings for her but she remains oblivious to it for a very long time.

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