Ordinary Joe Episode 2 Release Date and Spoilers

The premiere of ‘Ordinary Joe’ kicks off with a graduation ceremony where Joe has to make a choice out of three options available to him. All of them lead to three different timelines ten years later where all the Joes are leading complicated lives. For a better idea of the events that transpire in the first episode, take a look at the recap at the bottom. Now, here is all you need to know about the second episode!

Ordinary Joe Episode 2 Release Date

‘Ordinary Joe’ episode 2 will release on September 27, 2021, at 10 pm ET on NBC. New episodes of the show’s debut season will air on the network every week on Monday. The episodes are expected to be approximately 45 minutes in length each.

Where to Watch Ordinary Joe Episode 2 Online?

‘Ordinary Joe’ episode 2 can be watched on your television screens provided you have an active cable subscription. Simply tune into NBC at the date and time specified above and enjoy the second episode. The episode will also become available on NBC’s official website and NBC mobile app after its television broadcast.

Folks without an active cable subscription can opt to stream the episode on live TV streaming services such as Hulu Live TVXfinityYouTubeTVFubo TV, and DirecTV. The latest episodes of ‘Ordinary Joe’ can also be purchased or rented on VOD platforms such as Google PlaySpectrumiTunes, Amazon, and Vudu. Additionally, the series will also be accessible to subscribers of Hulu and PeacockTV.

Ordinary Joe Episode 2 Spoilers

The second episode of ‘Ordinary Joe’ is titled ‘Requiem,’ which will continue where the premiere left off, as all the three Joes try to get a grip on their lives. The anniversary of 9/11 is set to arrive that which will affect all the timelines differently. Cop Joe and Amy will begin a full-fledged affair, but Music Joe and Amy’s marriage will suffer because of secrets withheld. Nurse Joe and Jenny will find a way to save their marriage. Check out a promo for the episode below!

Ordinary Joe Episode 1 Recap

The series premiere is titled ‘Way Leads on to Way.’ It revolves around the eponymous character who bumps into his classmate Amy after which they immediately connect over shared opinions. Before the day ends, he has three things to choose from: asking out Amy, seeing his best friend Jenny, or attending a dinner gathering with his family. The scene cuts to Joe meeting Jenny at the beach, ten years later, and it is revealed that they are married. Life is tough for them as Joe works extra hours at the hospital, and divorce is on the way.

In the second world, Joe gets married to Amy, but for some reason, they can never conceive children. Moreover, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, but Joe is not sure if he wants her job to affect their personal life. When she asks him if he is okay with the thought of never having children, he remains silent. The next place he heads to is the reunion solo, where Jenny reveals a shocking secret.

Ten years ago, when Jenny had called Joe to meet after the graduation ceremony, she wanted to tell him that she was pregnant with his baby. Since Joe didn’t show up, she gave it up for adoption. Joe’s world in the present turns upside down, and all he wants to do now is find his son. In the final scenario, Joe becomes a cop like his father, but his love life lacks excitement. As a result, he has his hopes pinned on reconnecting with Amy, and they both show up at the reunion together before bumping into Jenny and her son.

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