Oshi No Ko Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Inspired by Mengo Yokoyari’s ongoing Japanese manga series of the same name, ‘Oshi No Ko,’ is a supernatural drama anime that recounts a story of love, revenge, and ambition. The show follows an ordinary gynecologist named Gorou Amemiya, who is a huge fan of rising star Ai Hoshino of pop idol group B Komachi. Although the life of these idols seems perfect on the surface, in reality, they have to constantly lie about everything to keep millions of fans across the globe happy. In the world of entertainment, imperfection is unacceptable. So when Ai gets pregnant with twins, she ends up in Gorou’s countryside medical practice while her fans are told that she is taking a hiatus due to health concerns.

Gorou is eager to help Ai, but he does not realize that he will be dead in a few days and will be reborn as one of his favorite idols’ twins. As if this was not strange enough, his new life takes a dramatic turn when Ai is murdered right in front of his eyes while he watches helplessly. This marks the beginning of a story of love and revenge that has captivated fans across the globe and has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. After the inconclusive ending of season 1 finale, some of the fans must be eager to learn when their favorite characters will return with yet another season. In case you are curious about the same, then we have got you covered.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Release Date

‘Oshi No Ko’ season 1 released on April 12, 2023, and concluded a few months later on June 28, 2023. The anime comprises eleven episodes, each with a runtime of about thirty minutes. Produced by Doga Kobo, the anime features some well-known voice actors like Rie Takahasi, Takeo Ootsuka, Yurie Igoma, Megumi Han, Manaka Iwami, Rumi Ookubo, and Lynn.

As far as the ‘Oshi No Ko’ season 2 is concerned, we have a piece of good news for the fans. Shortly before the premiere of the season 1 finale, it was officially announced that the supernatural drama series had been renewed for another installment. This should not come as a surprise, as the anime is the highest-rated show of the Spring 2023 broadcast slate. It currently has an overall rating above nine on MyAnimeList, which is a rare feat achieved by only some of the best shows of all time. It has also received favorable reviews on most online platforms.

The anime has more than enough material for another installment, as Mengo Yokoyari’s ongoing Japanese manga series already has eleven volumes in circulation. The anime has positively impacted manga sales, so it is not surprising at all that such a popular anime got green-lit for another installment so soon. As far as the release dates of the second installment are concerned, there is no official comment by Studio Doga Kobo on the subject as of now.

Looking at the success of the series, it should be surprising that Studio Doga Kobo will most likely prioritize the production of the anime over its other projects. This would mean that the fans won’t have to wait too long for the show’s return. Assuming that things do go as planned and there are no unforeseen delays, ‘Oshi No Ko’ season 2 will premiere sometime in Q3 or Q4 of 2024.

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