OutDaughtered Season 7 Episode 4: What’s in Store?

OutDaughtered Season 7 Episode 4

‘OutDaughtered’ season 7 continues to showcase the day-to-day activities of the Busby family, that comprises Adam and Danielle Busby, their eldest daughter Blayke and America’s first, all-female quintuplets – Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel. In the seventh season, the kids learn how to safely escape during a fire emergency. The parents take all the girls on their first snow trip to Wyoming, where Hazel complains of having a troubled vision.

In the latest episode, the Busbys try to adapt to the drastic changes in the world due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Check out the recap, to refresh your memories. In case you’re wondering about the details of ‘OutDaughtered’ season 7 episode 4? We have got your back.

OutDaughtered Season 7 Episode 4 Release Date

‘OutDaughtered’ season 7 episode 4 will release on June 30, 2020, at 9 pm ET, on TLC.

In the upcoming episode, titled ‘Quints in Quarantine,’ Adam and Danielle will have to resort to self-shooting, because of the coronavirus restrictions. As the Busbys quarantine together, we can expect to see the family celebrating the upcoming birthdays and Easter. To wade off the cabin fever, the parents might have to come up with new and exciting ways to keep the kids engaged.

Where to Watch OutDaughtered Season 7 Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘OutDaughtered’ season 7 episode 4, by tuning to TLC at the above-mentioned time. You can also catch the show on TLC’s official website and the TLC GO app. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch the show on Philo TV, DirecTV, and Fubo TV. Previously released episodes are available to stream on Hulu. ‘OutDaughtered’ is also available as a VOD service on YouTube TV. You can also purchase the episodes on Amazon Prime.

OutDaughtered Season 7 Episode 3 Recap:

OutDaughtered season 7 episode 3 is titled ‘Coronavirus Changes Everything.’

The episode begins with Crystal and Dale visiting the Busbys. They talk about how the virus has taken over the world while they were on a vacation at Wyoming. Upon realizing that the kids can’t go to school, Adam and Danielle decide to home school them. Danielle and Dale go to the market to shop for groceries but they are shocked to find empty shelves. With limited supplies of essentials like milk, it’s going to be difficult for the adult Busbys to take care of the girls.

Meanwhile, Danielle begins to worry about celebrating the birthdays of the kids. As Blayke is turning nine, she requests a sleepover with her friends. The quints have their birthdays, three days after Blayke’s birthday. After contemplating over the issue, Danielle and Adam tell Blayke that her sleepover with her friends has to be pushed back to another date, for the safety of everyone. As they sit to home school the kids, Danielle snaps at Blayke for not understanding math problems.

They switch the mantle and Adam goes to help Blayke with the studies, while Danielle tends to the quints. It gets overwhelming as the kids cause a ruckus and Hazel almost snips her hair with the scissors. Adam and Danielle talk to Hazel’s doctor about her deteriorating eyesight. The doctor breaks it to them that Hazel will have to be operated as soon as possible. The episode ends with a visit from the team, informing them about the shutdown of the show’s production.

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