Outer Banks Season 3: Everything We Know

Created by Shannon Burke, Jonas Pate, and Josh Pate, ‘Outer Banks’ is a teen mystery drama series that tells the story of a group of friends living in the eponymous barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, USA. Their leader, John B, discovers that his father found the location of the legendary sunken ship Royal Merchant before his mysterious disappearance. He and his friends set out to find the Royal Merchant and the gold it was said to be carrying at the time of its sinking.

Since its premiere on April 15, 2020, the series has garnered significant popularity for its masterful exploration of themes like friendship, love, adventures, economic disparity, greed, and obsession. Season 2 just began streaming. If you have already watched it and are curious about whether there will be a third season, we got you covered.

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date

‘Outer Banks’ season 2 premiered on July 30, 2021, on Netflix and comprises 10 episodes of 46–56-minute runtime each.

As for season 3, this is what we know. Neither Netflix executives nor the showrunners have released any statement either confirming or denying the development of a third season. However, the first season of the series performed spectacularly after its release. It was one of the most popular shows on Netflix in 2020, reportedly ranking right under ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Ozark.’ It reportedly maintained its presence on the streaming giant’s Top 10 List in the US for 51 days between April 15 and June 4. Considering the positive responses that the second season has been getting, it will likely replicate the success of the first or even surpass it.

About three months after the show started streaming, in July 2020, it was renewed for a second season. Filming reportedly took place for the sophomore season between August 2020 and April 2021. As mentioned above, season 2 came out after another three months. Taking all this into consideration, it can be stated that ‘Outer Banks’ season 3 might release in Q4 2022.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

In ‘Outer Banks’ season 2, Chase Stokes stars as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Rudy Pankow as JJ, Charles Esten as Ward Cameron, Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron, Carlacia Grant as Cleo, Elizabeth Mitchell as Limbrey, Caroline Arapoglou as Rose Cameron, Julia Antonelli as Wheezie Cameron, Cullen Moss as Sheriff Shoupe, E. Roger Mitchell as Heyward, Austin North as Topper, Charles Halford as Big John, Nicholas Cirillo as Barry, Terence Rosemore as Captain Terrance, and Gary Weeks as Luke. Boyd will not likely appear in season 3 except maybe in flashback scenes as his character has been killed. The rest of the cast will probably reprise their roles.

Outer Banks Season 3 Plot: What Can It Be About?

At the ending of season 2, John and his friends have lost both the gold and the Cross of Saint Domingo to Rafe and Ward. After escaping from their enemies, the friends find themselves on a seemingly deserted Caribbean island. Despite the circumstances, the group of young adventurers continues to hold on to their hope. Meanwhile, the parents of Kiara and Pope believe that their children have gone missing, and the police start looking for them. Rafe promises a physically and emotionally broken Ward that he will find Sarah. Season 2 ends with a huge revelation: Big John is still alive. He agrees to give Limbrey the location of the Garment of the Savior in exchange for her helping his son.

In season 3, the island where John and his friends are marooned might turn out to be the same island toward which the Cameron family is heading. When Rafe goes back to the Outer Banks, he might target Barry for betraying him. Meanwhile, Big John and Limbrey might work together to bring Ward and Rafe down. Topper might finally allow himself to move on. The group of friends might discover a new mystery associated with the Royal Merchant.

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