Will There be an Over Christmas Season 2?

After Netflix’s success with the German series, ‘Barbarians’, the streamer added yet another show, ‘Over Christmas’ — the 11th German original, directed by Tobi Baumann. This loose web adaptation of the novel ‘7 Kilos in 3 Days: Home Over Christmas’ by author Christian Huber, is a heartfelt romantic drama. Set against the snowy backdrop of the wintry, holiday season, ‘Over Christmas’ is an emotional story — minus the frills of festive cheer. But it does contain the required doses of comedy to keep you entertained.

In short, another complete package, all the way from Germany! So, have you watched ‘Over Christmas’ yet? Are you wondering what the future holds for the drama? Well, we have you covered!

Over Christmas Season 2 Release Date:

‘Over Christmas’ season 1 premiered on November 27, 2020, on Netflix, in all its entirety of three episodes. However, as far as its next season goes, here is the thing. The show has been branded by the streamer as a limited series. The first three episodes cover the complete content of the source material, Christian Huber’s novel. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that ‘Over Christmas’ season 2 will ever get commissioned.

Over Christmas Cast: Who is in it?

Leading the cast as the protagonist Basti is Luke Mockridge. Mockridge additionally serves as one of the producers of the series and he makes his acting debut in ‘Over Christmas’. Cristina do Rego essays the role of Fine, Basti’s ex and the current girlfriend of his brother Niklas, played by Lucas Reiber. Johanna Gastorf stars as the matriarch Mama Brigette while Rudolf Kowalski portrays the patriarch, Papa Walter. Rounding up the lead cast is Carmen- Maja Antoni as Grandma Hilde, Seyneb Saleh as Karina, and Nino Porzio as Rudolf.

Over Christmas Plot: What is it About?

‘Over Christmas’ introduces us to Basti, an aspiring musician who is passing through a difficult phase in his life. His music career is going downhill and even his girlfriend Fine breaks up with him. The only thing that Basti is looking forward to is spending time with his family over Christmas. However, when he reaches home, he discovers that Niklas is now dating someone. Surprise? Niklas’s girlfriend is his ex, Fine! Things get more depressing when a tragic secret of Mama Brigette and Papa Walter’s comes to the surface.

Over the three days of his stay at home, Basti has several realizations. He is able to forgive Niklas for unknowingly hurting his feelings. He also finds a new love interest in a woman named Karina and starts penning down his lyrical emotions for her. The story wraps up with Basti, his friend, and Niklas delivering a soulful performance before the townsfolk and his family.

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