Owen Wilson Net Worth

How much is Owen Wilson worth? $70 Million

How did Owen Wilson earn his money and wealth?

Owen Cunningham Wilson is the son of Robert Wilson and Laura Cunningham Wilson who was born in the year 1968 at Dallas in Texas, U.S. He is a renowned actor, screenwriter, and producer. He is well known for his longtime association with the film-maker named Wes Anderson. Both shared the acting and writing credits for the 1996 movie “Bottle Rocket” and the 2001 movie “The Royal Tenenbaums”. He earned a nomination from the Academy Award for the category of Best Original Screenplay for “The Royal Tenenbaums”. His brothers Andrew and Luke are also renowned actors. Wilson is known for his portrayal of comedy roles in Frat Pack movies. He has also given his voice to the “Lightning McQueen” in the movies “Cars” and “Cars 2”.

Wilson derives his ancestry from Ireland and his education comprises of a degree for Bachelor of Arts in the English subject. Wilson starred in the movie by Ben Stiller named “The Cable Guy”. He also appeared in minor roles in the movies such as “Armageddon”, “The Haunting”, and “Anaconda”. He also became a part of two drama based roles for the movies “Permanent Midnight” and “The Minus Man”. In the latter movie, he acted alongside Sheryl Crow who was destined to be his girlfriend in future.

Wilson worked along with Jackie Chan in the 2000 movie named “Shanghai Noon” which grossed more than US$100 Million all over the world. He continued to rise with fame and acclaim while starring alongside renowned stars such as Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller for the movie “Zoolander” in 2001. Wilson’s commendable performance in the movie “Shanghai Noon” was noticed by Gene Hackman which led him to star in the movie “Behind Enemy Lines” as a co-star.

Wilson went back to his original forte with the comedy genre in the movie “I Spy” for the year 2002 where he starred along with Eddie Murphy. Followed by this, Wilson had a cameo in the video named “Yeah Right!” in the year 2003 by Girl Skateboards. He came back with actor Jackie Chan for the movie “Shanghai Knights” in 2003. He was also a co-star in the remake of the TV series named “Starsky & Hutch” for the year 2004. Wilson also acted along with his brother to portray the role of “Wright Brothers” for the movie “Around the World in 80 Days”.

He has also portrayed the role of Kyle Reynolds in the movie “Father Figures” in the year 2017. He has also been a part of music videos such as “Christmas in L.A., and God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.

What are the highest grossing movies of Owen Wilson?

1-Night at the Museum (2006): $250,863,268

2-Cars (Voice) (2006): $244,082,982

3-Wedding Crashers (2005): $209,255,921

4-Cars 2 (2011): $191,452,396

5-Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009): $177,243,721

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