Pam and Tommy Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

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‘Pam & Tommy’ episode 7 finds all the chaotic narratives of the remarkable story beginning to collide. Rand (Seth Rogen) finally comes back into the picture but has some pretty serious associates to face. Pamela (Lily James) also has a particularly busy time promoting her new film, but the infamous tape continues to spread an ominous pall over everything she does.

There is also a palpable shift in the actress’ dynamic with her rockstar husband, and things may never go back to how they were. We’re getting close to the season finale, and things are getting hectic. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Pam & Tommy’ episode 7 and see what’s what. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Pam & Tommy Episode 7 Recap

The episode opens with a face from the early episodes, that of Louis “Butchie” Peraino (Andrew Dice Clay). The local gangster, having fronted $50,000 to Rand and Uncle Miltie to make the initial copies of the tape, is now on the hunt for them. Not being able to find the latter, Butchie settles for bringing the “doofus” in, and soon a bewildered Rand finds himself being tortured (with vodka flavored cherries!) in the back of a kitchen. He reveals that Uncle Miltie is in Amsterdam, and sure enough, we see the hedonistic porn producer having the time of his life in Holland.

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Things get pretty rough for Rand, as he finds himself forced by Butchie to make mob collections as a way to repay his debt. The local store refuses to sell his tape, saying there is no difference between his copies and the bootlegged ones being sold in the parking lot. To top it all, Erica throws him out of the house after finding out that Rand is behind the stolen tape. The fact that the generally bewildered carpenter has been making long-distance calls from Erica’s phone trying to reach Uncle Miltie doesn’t help either.

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As a last resort, the carpenter sends Tommy a note, demanding a very specific payment of just under $27,000 — the exact amount he is owed plus the cost of his tools, which Tommy keeps out of spite. The rockstar actually shows up to the meeting but then burns the money in front of Rand. Maddened, the carpenter heads to one of Butchie’s debtors and vents his anger by beating up the poor unsuspecting man. Meanwhile, their lawyer informs Pamela and Tommy that the judge has thrown out their case against Penthouse, allowing the magazine to publish images from the tape.

Pam & Tommy Episode 7 Ending: What is Seth Warshavsky Planning?

Amidst whispers of her tape, which Pamela begins to hear wherever she goes, the actress makes media rounds to promote her new film, ‘Barb Wire.’ She smiles through awkward questions on a late-night talk show and ignores comments that mention Penthouse and her “other movie.” As expected, the film premiere is less than perfect, leaving Pamela and Tommy even more dejected. The episode then closes with a quick shot of Seth Warshavsky sitting in his studio, trying to come up with a way to boost his internet traffic.

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The episode closes on a slightly ominous note as it seems like one more player is preparing to jump into the chaotic fray surrounding Pamela and Tommy’s leaked recording. Seth Warshavsky has not really played a significant role so far and is depicted as an ambitious young businessman trying to build a pornography empire. In the episode’s closing scene, Seth is informed that his website’s traffic is stagnating, and it looks like the entrepreneur is about to find the solution to his problems.

Unfortunately, the solution likely involves the tape. Considering the tape is the hottest talking point in the entertainment (and porn) industries — combined with the fact that Penthouse now plans on publishing images from the tape — it looks like Seth is also going to try and profit from the recording as well. Just how legal his operation is remains to be seen, which will subsequently inform how he uses the tape.

What Happens with Pamela’s Film Barb Wire?

Pamela’s much-awaited film ‘Barb Wire’ finally releases, and an excited Tommy hypes his wife’s movie as much as he can. Unfortunately, the response from audiences is less enthusiastic, and Pamela overhears people laughing at the film when she and Tommy sneak into a theatre to watch it.

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Her film’s lackluster reception is another blow to the actress, who has repeatedly tried to be taken seriously in the industry. Unfortunately, her physical appearance seems to overshadow her acting talent in the eyes of audiences and filmmakers, making the failure of her film all the more frustrating.

Why Does the Judge Throw Pamela and Tommy’s Case Out?

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Pamela and Tommy launch a legal stay order on Penthouse magazine after the publication threatens to publish images of their private tape. Unfortunately, the judge seems to be of the opinion that since the tape is being discussed publicly, it is newsworthy. This means that not allowing Penthouse to discuss the said tape violates the publication and its very vocal owner’s first amendment rights. The titular couple is aghast when they hear the decision, but it seems there is nothing they can do since the judge seemingly refuses to even listen to their arguments, leaving Penthouse free to cover the tape in their publication.

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