Panchayat Season 2: Will it Happen?

After a successful first season, everyone is waiting for ‘Panchayat’ season 2 to release. Aren’t you? With a relaxed pace and rural setting, the show envelops viewers into its rustic yet heartwarming world with a meditative, unurbanized pace. The series is created by The Viral Fever, better known as TVF: a company that started out as an incredibly popular YouTube channel.

Panchayat Season 2 Release Date

Panchayat Season 1 released on April 3, 2020. All eight episodes were dropped on the same day.

Now as far as the next season goes, here’s what we know. The story of the first season ends in such a way that a second season looks very possible. Plus, the show has managed to garner impressive ratings too.  Up until now, TVF or Amazon Prime hasn’t made any official announcements regarding a possible second installment. However, given the success of the show we fully expect Panchayat season 2 to release sometime in April 2021.

Panchayat Season 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

All the major characters from the first season of ‘Panchayat’ can be expected in the second season of the show. Jitendra Kumar is bound to return as Abhishek. He has been a TVF regular and practically owes his career and popularity to them.

Apart from that, the veteran actress, Neena Gupta plays the pivotal character of Manju Devi, and one can expect her to be a part of the second season. Similarly, her reel husband, played by Raghuvir Yadav, will return too. Some of the other major characters include Chandan Roy and Faisal Malik. The two of them can be expected to return for a second season as well. Moreover, Pooja Singh, who plays Rinki, might have a larger role in the second season.

Panchayat Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The first season of ‘Panchayat’ follows Abhishek, a recent college graduate who moves to a village and becomes the secretary of the Panchayat (a Panchayat is a form of local government observed in Indian villages). For better employment opportunities, he prepares for the CAT examination (an entrance exam for the Indian Institute of Management).

Unfortunately, Abhishek does not perform satisfactorily. However, watching Manju Devi sing the national anthem imperfectly, yet confidently after spending two days learning it, Abhishek has a change of heart. He believes that he can attempt the CAT again next year. He decides to stay in the village as the secretary. Prateek, his friend from the city, advises him to learn how to enjoy his time there.

As one can see, a second season is very possible. Abhishek is staying in the village, and one can expect him to start warming up to the rural lifestyle even more. Moreover, he finally meets Rinki. So, there is definitely going to be some romance in the second season. Moreover, Manju Devi promises the District Magistrate to learn how to do the Sarpanch’s (head of the Panchayat) job herself instead of letting her husband be the de facto Sarpanch. Hence, one can expect her to learn the ropes.

Panchayat Trailer:

While we wait for updates on the second season, you can watch the trailer for the first season below:

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