Paradise 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Netflix’s ‘Paradise’ is a science fiction thriller movie that explores the commodification and monetization of time and lifespans. Directed by the trio of Boris Kunz, the German-language film follows the story of Max Toma, a donation manager working for AEON, a bioengineering corporation. In the near future, AEON’s efforts have resulted in a procedure capable of transferring lifespan from one person to another. However, when Max’s wife is unjustly forced to give up forty years of her life, Max is forced to fight against the oppressive system he propagates. If you found the movie’s ideas and themes about time and age interesting and wish to see them expanded upon, you must be wondering if there will be a sequel. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about the prospects of ‘Paradise 2.’

Will Paradise 2 Happen?

‘Paradise’ was released on July 27. 2023, on Netflix. The film has a running time of 116 minutes and received mixed reviews upon release. The critics praised its performances and atmospheric storytelling. However, the primary subject material’s narrative, pacing, and handling of themes were criticized.

Nonetheless, it is still early days since the movie’s release for Netflix to decide whether it warrants a follow-up installment. The film primarily revolves around Max Toma, a donation manager working at AEON, a bioengineering corporation that has developed a procedure to transfer lifespans between people. While Max’s story is deeply personal and grounded, the ending hints at the deeper socio-cultural implications of AEON’s work. As a result, the ending certainly leaves the door open for a second installment.

At present, neither Netflix nor the film’s makers have officially addressed the possibility of a sequel. However, a second installment could be greenlit in the coming months if the movie strikes a chord with the audience and exceeds Netflix’s viewership expectations. Moreover, Netflix has heavily invested in original foreign language content, including German movies.

Meanwhile, the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood could force the streaming service to double down on acquiring content from other territories. Hence, a second installment could materialize soon. Assuming work on the sequel starts in early 2024, ‘Paradise 2’ could arrive on our screens sometime in Q3 of 2025 at the earliest.

‘Paradise’ features the acting talents of Kostja Ullmann (Max Toma), Iris Berben (Old Sophie Theissen), Alina Levshin (Young Sophie Theissen), Marlene Tanczik (Young Elena), Corinna Kirchhoff (Old Elena), Lisa-Marie Koroll (Marie Theissen), in the main roles. Numan Acar (Nowak), Lisa Loven Kongsli (Lilith), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (Dr. Falter Berg), appear in supporting roles. Most of the main and supporting cast members are likely to reprise their roles for the prospective sequel, with the exception of Acar, whose character dies during the climax of the first film.

The first installment ends with Elena succeeding in her quest to reclaim the years she was forced to give up due to Sophie’s machinations. Meanwhile, Max becomes disillusioned with AEON’s work and turns on his employer by joining Adam, the terrorist group opposing AEON. On the other hand, Sophie continues her research and promises to find a genetic match to reclaim the years Elena stole from her daughter, Marie.

‘Paradise 2’ could potentially follow the conflict between AEON and Adam, especially after Lilith’s extremist methods nearly yield the desired results. Moreover, with Max on their side, Adam could have inside knowledge and an advantage in their fight against the unjust and unfair practices of Adam. However, Elena could find herself roped back into the conflict because she is a genetic match for Marie. Meanwhile, we could also learn more about the black market activities in this world and the social response to the revelation of AEON’s malpractices.

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