Paul McCartney Net Worth

How much is Paul McCartney worth? $1.2 Billion

How did Paul McCartney earn her money and wealth?

Paul McCartney, real name Sir James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942, in England Liverpool to James McCartney and Mary Patricia. He has a younger brother called Michael. He went to Stockton Wood Road Primary School. His mother died due to breast cancer when Paul was just 14 years old, which left a huge impact on him. In his teen days, Paul met John Lennon at a church fest and the two became friends. Later, John invited Paul to be a part of his band called ‘Quarrymen.’

Paul McCartney is not an English singer-songwriter but is also a multi-instrumentalist as well as a composer. In the next few years of joining John’s band, the band’s name was changed to “The Beatles.’ The band released its first single titled ‘Love Me Do’ in the year 1962, which was written by Paul in collaboration with John. The song became a huge hit and made ‘The Beatles’ famous.

In the year1965, the group released their music album called ‘Help!’ which consisted of the hit ‘Yesterday’ written by Paul. The album was again a hit. Later, Paul conceptualized the album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ that was released in the year 1976. The album again was a massive success and performed well, commercially and critically.

Though the band achieved phenomenal fame and popularity, the relationship between the members of the band strained and soon Paul left the group in the year 1970. He later formed a rock band called ‘Paul McCartney and Wings,’ along with his wife Linda McCartney, former Moody Blues Guitarist Denny Laine and session drummer Denny Seiwell. The rock band soon released many albums in the next decade such as ‘Red Rose Speedway’ and ‘Band on the Run’ in the year 1973, ‘Venus and Mars’ in the year 1975, ‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’ in the year 1976, and ‘Back to the Egg’ in the year 1979. However, the group disbanded in the year 1981 due to disagreements on salaries and royalties.

The 1980s was not a good time for Paul as he had become a drug addict and was arrested on charges of possessing marijuana and was even fined. He even lost his former partner, John and although he continued to create music, he did not gain much fame and success. Paul collaborated with bassist Martin Glover during the 1990s and created the band called ‘The Fireman.’ They released the album titled ‘Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest,’ in the year 1993. Later, Paul took a break from his solo music career and decided to focus on making a documentary television series called ‘The Beatles Anthology.’ Besides, he continued to perform, record new music albums later and go on tours later although he was in his 60s. The music album Paul released during that period includes ‘Ecce Cor Meum’ in 2006 then ‘Memory Almost Full’ in 2007 and the ‘Electric Arguments’ in 2008.

What are the highest grossing earnings of Paul McCartney?

  1. Earnings from movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as Uncle Jack (2017): $794,860,000
  2. Earnings from sale of Paul’s Out There Tour tickets (2014): $165,000,000
  3. Earnings from sales of single FourFiveSeconds with Barbadian Rihanna (2015): $6,680,000
  4. Earnings from sale of album New (2013): $393,900
  5. Value of assets in the year 2018: $1,500,000

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