Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3: What to Expect?

Based on a manga series of the same name written by Cool-kyou Shinja and illustrated by Yohane, ‘Peach Boy Riverside’ is a dark fantasy action-adventure anime. The story follows Princess Saltorine Aldike or Sari of the Kingdom of Aldarake, who has led a largely sheltered life. After a fateful encounter with Mikoto Kibitsu, who saves her kingdom from a hoard of Oni, she decides that she must see the world and embarks on an extraordinary journey. The anime premiered on July 1, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3 Release Date

‘Peach Boy Riverside’ episode 3, titled ‘Sally and a Crossroads,’ is set to release on July 15, 2021, on Tokyo MX, BS NTV, and AT-X. Studio Asahi Production developed the series in collaboration with Kodansha. Shigeru Ueda helmed the directorial team while Keiichirou Oochi led the writing staff. Masato Katou and Satomi Kurita worked on the character designs, and Takaaki Nakahashi provided the music. Q-MHz (feat. Yuuko Suzuhana) performed the opening theme track, “Dark Spiral Journey,” whereas Miteino Hanashi sang the ending theme track, “Yoru wo Koeru Ashioto.”

Where to Watch Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 Online?

Viewers outside Asia can watch the episodes with original Japanese audio and English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian subtitles on Crunchyroll on the day they air in Japan. The anime is also available on VRV with English subtitles. Ani-One Asia will simulcast the episodes in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan for the subscribers that hold its Ani-One® ULTRA™ membership by paying HK$20 per month. In other regions of Asia, ‘Peach Boy Riverside’ will premiere on the platform on July 15, 2021. Furthermore, the viewers in Japan can watch the episodes with Japanese audio and subtitles on Netflix Japan.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 3 Spoilers

In episode 2, after Sett, the Walrus Oni, takes out Frau, Sari steps in. She easily blocks Sett’s punch, which immensely surprises the Oni. He then tries to use his Oni blast on his opponent, creating a long line of pure destruction. However, Sari and Frau remain untouched. Sari then kills Sett with one slash across his upper body with her short sword. Meanwhile, Meki meets a stranger, who she soon realizes is Mikoto Kibitsu, who is going around wiping out entire Oni settlements. Mikoto waits until Meki has fully recovered to fight with her. Her Oni blast does not affect Mikoto, who easily defeats her. However, he spares her life after realizing that she is quite similar to him. Instead of taking Meki’s life, Mikoto cuts off her horn and scoops out her eye, turning her into a human for all intent and purpose.

Since they have defeated Sett, the behavior of the Rimdarl Kingdom residents has completely changed toward Sari and Frau. Almost immediately, they have become celebrated heroes of the kingdom. Hawthorn asks them for their help with Meki, who has been found outside the castle. Later, Sari learns Mikoto had been there. She leaves with Frau and Meki, knowing that the latter would be executed otherwise. Hawthorn follows them and tries to convince them to come back. However, suddenly, a massive Oni blast wipes out the entire Rimdarl Kingdom except for Hawthorn. In episode 3, Hawthorn, now homeless and grieving, might join Sari’s party. Meki might recognize Somenki, the Oni that destroyed Rimdarl.

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