Preview: Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 5

The second season of ‘Pennyworth’ dropped two back-to-back episodes this Sunday. Episode 3, called ‘The Belt and Welt’ follows Crowley whose plan backfires and gives unintended results, Alfred, Bazza, and Daveboy set out to find their thief. Episode 4, titled ‘The Hunted Fox’, witnesses Alfred as he is finally convinced to join Gully’s team on an upcoming job. Harwood concentrates on Project Stormcloud. So are you done with the third and fourth parts yet? If yes, here are the details of the 5th episode.

Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date:

‘Pennyworth’ season 2 episode 5 is slated to premiere on Sunday, March 7, 2021, on Epix at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT. Yes, the season has gone on a hiatus. The remaining six episodes will follow a continuous, weekly schedule hereon.

Where to Stream Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 5 Online?

If you are in the US, you can easily catch up on the latest episodes of ‘Pennyworth’ at 9 pm ET on Epix every Sunday night. Needless to mention, you will need a cable package. If you have a cable login, you can catch the season on-demand or online at the Epix official website. If you are a cord-cutter, you can resort to the multiple live TV streaming services, namely, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV Now. You can also rent or buy episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Pennyworth Season 2 Episode 3 And 4 Recap

Alfred has a strange dream about his dad and realizes that Captain Gully had stolen his cash. He confronts the latter’s wife and gets clues on the whereabouts of the culprit. However, when Alfred confronts Gully, he explains that he has nothing to do with the theft. In fact, Gully invites Alfred to execute a robbery alongside him and his crew. Meanwhile, Crowley seduces the Archbishop by introducing the latter to the ways of the flesh. He later releases some photos of him being a party to an orgy and as a result, Potter resigns and later, commits suicide. When Martha learns that Thomas had recruited Crowley, she is extremely upset.

Bet and Katie seek shelter at the house of a teacher and eventually, Bet contacts Harwood. Harwood orders Salt to bring back Bet alive. However, when the cops open fire, things become a mess. Alfred sees an expensive ring on the finger of one of the waitresses working for Daveboy. She says that it was gifted to her by a small-time crook called Vic Dobson. Alfred tracks down the guy and fatally injures him while Sheri dies in a car blast when trying to escape with the money. In the explosion, Bazza is mortally and he compels Alfred and Daveboy to promise that they will stick to their goal of making it to America.

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