When Will Perfect Harmony Season 2 Premiere on NBC?

The genre of comedy is one of the most loved genres of all time. The television industry is filled with all kinds of comedy shows – sitcoms, comedy-drama, sketch-comedy, stand-up comedy and a lot more… you name it, you get it. Though with all the above styles ruling the genre, there is still one style of comedy that has not been as popularized as its contemporaries, and we are talking musical comedy.

When we talk about musical-comedy, the first thing that strikes our mind is Disney. While the movie industry has given us some great options in this field like ‘La La Land‘, ‘Chicago’, ‘Les Miserables’, etc., the television industry in comparison, lags far behind. Though in recent times, we got a gem like ‘Glee’ and soon after its end, the audience began wanting more from this unexplored genre.

Seeking this opportunity, NBC announced its new musical-comedy drama, Perfect Harmony. The show premiered on September 26, 2019, and is considered as the replacement of the two hit sitcoms of NBC (‘The Good Place’ and ‘Will & Grace’) that would be going off-air in 2020. The series is created by Lesley Wake Webster, who has also given us sitcoms like ‘Speechless’ and ‘Life in Pieces’.

The series features a church choir that receives the guidance of a troubled but talented music professor from Princeton, who trains them to compete in a choir competition. Together, they try to help each other to figure out and sort their respective lives, sometimes intentionally and mostly unintentionally.

If you are someone who likes their show with drama but with a touch of music, Perfect Harmony is the series for you. But, before you start wondering about season 2, let us take you through some more details of the show.

Perfect Harmony Cast: Who’s in it?

Emmy award winner Bradley Whitford plays the lead role of Dr. Arthur Cochran. Arthur is a music professor who recently moved to Kentucky from Princeton for his wife. Arthur is a disgruntled and talented man who became even gruffer after the demise of his wife. Bradley Whitford, known for his outstanding performances in ‘The Post’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘, ‘Get Out’, ‘Transparent’ and more, has once again done an incredible job as Arthur, an obnoxious but still redeemable man.

Anna Camp, best known for her role as Aubrey Posen in another musical comedy called ‘Pitch Perfect’, plays the character of Ginny. Ginny is a bright optimistic woman, a wonderful cool mother, and head of the choir. Anna Camp has been associated in the past with high projects like ‘Mad Men’, ‘The Mindy Project‘, ‘The Help’, ‘The Good Wife‘ and ‘True Blood’.

Geno Serger (known for ‘Teen Wolf’) plays the role of Shep, an under-confident member of the choir, who finds his true voice with the help of Arthur. Rizwan Manji plays the role of Reverend Jax, who always means well but ends up making hilarious yet awkward pop culture references.

Apart from these main characters, the additional star cast includes names like Will Greenberg as Wayne, Tymberlee Hill as Adams, and Spender Allport as Ginny’s son, Cash.

Perfect Harmony Plot: What is it about?

The show beautifully portrays the contrast between the polite hospitality of the Southerners and Arthur’s ornery demeanor. After the death of his wife, Arthur contemplates his will to live any further. But as we know, God always has his own plans. He is suddenly introduced to the voice of a disgruntled choir from the church and decides to interrupt their disgraceful music. His brutal manners and harsh comments are not taken very well by the singers and they demand him to leave.

Despite the revolt from the choir members, Ginny decides to persuade Arthur to stay and help them win the annual choir competition. Apparently, Ginny’s church loses the competition every year to an opposing church. Interestingly, the rival church is led by the man who Arthur truly hates and who allegedly was his ex-wife’s lover. This motivates Arthur to take the offer and help the middling choir sort their tunes.

It is obvious that Ginny’s sunshine, Reverend Jax’s genuine smile and the people’s politeness gradually overpower the harshness and abrasiveness of Arthur. He finds himself developing care and concern for the people he’s working with. He also begins to find the will to live and the direction of life, which he once had lost.

Arthur helps Ginny and Dwayne to find their melodious strong voices and perform on stage without any fright. While Dwayne and Wayne work on the ups and downs of their friendship, Arthur tries to bring a companion in Ginny’s otherwise lonely life. During the end of season 1, it is revealed that most of Arthur’s anger and abandoning nature is to avoid the self-guilt of being happy after his wife’s death. Reverand Jax convinces him that his wife after all, would be happy to see him happy.

On discussing the inspiration for the show, Lesley said “I grew up singing in church choirs, going to church. My grandfather, who Bradley’s character was modeled on, was a choir director by trade… at the end of his life, he was living in rural Kentucky, my grandmother had passed away, and he got to a very dark place.”

Perfect Harmony Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Perfect Harmony season 1 premiered on September 26, 2019, on NBC.

The series received average response from the audience while many critics claim that it is just Bradley Whitman alone who is attracting viewers for the show. But unfortunately, Whitman single-handedly cannot run the entire plot. Apart from Whitman, the story lacked character development and was considered way too predictable.

The long awaited decision on Perfect Harmony season 2 depends on viewership ratings. But, given the circumstances, NBC is likely to turn down the show for a renewal. If it does somehow get renewed, you can expect Perfect Harmony season 2 to release sometime September 2020.

Perfect Harmony Trailer

If you want to have a glimpse into an entertaining show filled with music and comedy, watch the trailer of Perfect Harmony season 1 below

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